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Masting in wind-pollinated trees: system-specific roles of weather and pollination dynamics in driving seed production
M Bogdziewicz, J Szymkowiak, I Kasprzyk, Ł Grewling, Z Borowski, ...
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Avoiding predators in a fluctuating environment: responses of the wood warbler to pulsed resources
J Szymkowiak, L Kuczyński
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Facing Uncertainty: How Small Songbirds Acquire and Use Social Information in Habitat Selection Process?
J Szymkowiak
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Song rate as a signal of male aggressiveness during territorial contests in the wood warbler
J Szymkowiak, L Kuczyński
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J Szymkowiak, RL Thomson, L Kuczyński
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Wood warblers copy settlement decisions of poor quality conspecifics: support for the tradeoff between the benefit of social information use and competition avoidance
J Szymkowiak, RL Thomson, L Kuczyński
Oikos, 2016
Oak acorn crop and Google search volume predict Lyme disease risk in temperate Europe
M Bogdziewicz, J Szymkowiak
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The effects of local climate on the correlation between weather and seed production differ in two species with contrasting masting habit
M Bogdziewicz, J Szymkowiak, M Fernández-Martinez, J Peñuelas, ...
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Are buntings good indicators of agricultural intensity?
J Szymkowiak, M Skierczyński, L Kuczyński
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Threat-sensitive anti-predator defence in precocial wader, the northern lapwing Vanellus vanellus
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Predation-Related Costs and Benefits of Conspecific Attraction in Songbirds—An Agent-Based Approach
J Szymkowiak, L Kuczyński
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Investigating the relationship between climate, stand age, and temporal trends in masting behavior of European forest trees
M Pesendorfer, M Bogdziewicz, J Szymkowiak, Z Borowski, ...
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Nest predator avoidance during habitat selection of a songbird varies with mast peaks and troughs
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Annals of Botany, 2020
Wood warblers learn to recognise mobbing calls of an unfamiliar species from heterospecific tutors
J Szymkowiak
Animal Behaviour, 2020
What drives phenological synchrony? Warm springs advance and desynchronize flowering in trees
M Bogdziewicz, J Szymkowiak, R Bonal, A Hacket-Pain, JM Espelta, ...
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 2020
Seed predation selects for reproductive variability and synchrony in perennial plants
M Bogdziewicz, J Szymkowiak, AJ Tanentzap, R Calama, S Marino, ...
New Phytologist, 2020
On resolving the selective interspecific information use vs. owner aggression hypothesis dilemma—a commentary
J Szymkowiak
acta ethologica 22 (2), 149-154, 2019
Mechanizmy wybiórczości środowiskowej u świstunki leśnej Phylloscopus sibilatrix
J Szymkowiak
Mechanizmy agregowania terytoriów lęgowych przez ptaki śpiewające
J Szymkowiak, N Królikowska
Kosmos 63 (1), 45-53, 2014
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