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Mats Bohgard
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Cytowane przez
Traffic-generated emissions of ultrafine particles from pavement–tire interface
A Dahl, A Gharibi, E Swietlicki, A Gudmundsson, M Bohgard, A Ljungman, ...
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Arbete och teknik på människans villkor
M Bohgard, S Karlsson, E Lovén, LÅ Mikaelsson, L Mårtensson, ...
Prevent, 2015
Chemical composition and mass emission factors of candle smoke particles
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J Pagels, M Strand, J Rissler, A Szpila, A Gudmundsson, M Bohgard, ...
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'EUROPART'. Airborne particles in the indoor environment. A European interdisciplinary review of scientific evidence on associations between exposure to particles in buildings …
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Exposure and emission measurements during production, purification, and functionalization of arc-discharge-produced multi-walled carbon nanotubes
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J Rissler, J Pagels, E Swietlicki, A Wierzbicka, M Strand, L Lillieblad, ...
Aerosol science and technology 39 (10), 919-930, 2005
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