Andrés Aguilar-Granda
Andrés Aguilar-Granda
University of Toronto
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Materials Acceleration Platforms: On the way to autonomous experimentation
MM Flores-Leonar, LM Mejía-Mendoza, A Aguilar-Granda, ...
Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry 25, 100370, 2020
Synthesis of a carbazole-[pi]-carbazole molecular rotor with fast solid state intramolecular dynamics and crystallization-Induced emission
A Aguilar-Granda, S Perez-Estrada, AE Roa, J Rodriguez-Hernandez, ...
Crystal Growth & Design 16 (6), 3435-3442, 2016
Transient Porosity in Densely Packed Crystalline Carbazole–(p-Diethynylphenylene)–Carbazole Rotors: CO2 and Acetone Sorption Properties
A Aguilar-Granda, S Pérez-Estrada, E Sánchez-González, JR Álvarez, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (22), 7549-7557, 2017
CO 2 capture in a carbazole-based supramolecular polyhedron structure: the significance of Cu (ii) open metal sites
A López-Olvera, E Sánchez-González, A Campos-Reales-Pineda, ...
Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers 4 (1), 56-64, 2017
White Organic Light emitting diodes based On exciplex states by using a new carbazole derivative as single emitter Layer
W Bernal, O Barbosa-García, A Aguilar-Granda, E Pérez-Gutiérrez, ...
Dyes and Pigments 163, 754-760, 2019
Synthesis of structurally diverse emissive molecular rotors with four-component Ugi stators
MC García-González, A Aguilar-Granda, A Zamudio-Medina, LD Miranda, ...
The Journal of organic chemistry 83 (5), 2570-2581, 2018
Designed synthesis of “L” shaped 17-halo-aryl-ethynyl steroids
ME Ochoa, A Aguilar-Granda, PI Ramirez-Montes, V Barba, Y López, ...
CrystEngComm 18 (36), 6830-6840, 2016
Solid state characterization of bridged steroidal molecular rotors: Effect of the rotator fluorination on their crystallization
D Czajkowska-Szczykowska, A Aguilar-Granda, J Maj, AZ Wilczewska, ...
Crystal Growth & Design 16 (3), 1599-1605, 2016
Diversity-Oriented Synthesis of Highly Fluorescent Fused Isoquinolines for Specific Subcellular Localization
YA Amador-Sánchez, A Aguilar-Granda, R Flores-Cruz, ...
The Journal of organic chemistry 85 (2), 633-649, 2019
Multiple rotational rates in a guest-loaded, amphidynamic zirconia metal–organic framework
A Torres-Huerta, D Galicia-Badillo, A Aguilar-Granda, JT Bryant, ...
Chemical science 11 (42), 11579-11583, 2020
Nanoscale organization and solid-state dynamics of carbazole-[π]-carbazole rotors edged with aliphatic chains
A Aguilar-Granda, MC García-González, S Pérez-Estrada, A Kozina, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (47), 27093-27099, 2018
Synthesis and Solid-State Dynamics of a Crystalline Steroid Molecular Rotor without the Alkyne Axle: Steroid Dimers Based on a 1, 4-Di (1, 3-dioxan-2-yl) benzene Moiety
K Vargas-Romero, FC Martínez-Torres, A Aguilar-Granda, ...
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 85 (13), 8501-8509, 2020
Triggering the dynamics of a carbazole-p-[phenylene-diethynyl]-xylene rotor through a mechanically induced phase transition
A Aguilar-Granda, A Colin-Molina, MJ Jellen, A Núñez-Pineda, ...
Chemical Communications 55 (93), 14054-14057, 2019
Routescore: Punching the Ticket to More Efficient Materials Development
M Seifrid, RJ Hickman, A Aguilar-Granda, C Lavigne, J Vestfrid, TC Wu, ...
Catalytic evaluation of citrate-stabilized palladium nanoparticles in the Sonogashira reaction for the synthesis of 1, 4-Bis [(trimethylsilyl) ethynyl] benzene
E Gálvez-Martínez, A Aguilar-Granda, B Rodríguez-Molina, C Haro-Pérez, ...
Catalysis Communications 153, 106269, 2021
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