Cruz Mendez
Cruz Mendez
Head Technical Division @ CLPU
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Cytowane przez
Spatiotemporal amplitude-and-phase reconstruction by Fourier-transform of interference spectra of high-complex-beams
B Alonso, ÍJ Sola, Ó Varela, J Hernández-Toro, C Méndez, J San Román, ...
JOSA B 27 (5), 933-940, 2010
Femtosecond laser ablation of carbon reinforced polymers
P Moreno, C Méndez, A García, I Arias, L Roso
Applied Surface Science 252 (12), 4110-4119, 2006
Femtosecond laser written surface waveguides fabricated in Nd: YAG ceramics
GA Torchia, PF Meilán, A Rodenas, D Jaque, C Mendez, L Roso
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Saturation of ablation channels micro-machined in fused silica with many femtosecond laser pulses
JRV de Aldana, C Méndez, L Roso
Optics express 14 (3), 1329-1338, 2006
Optical investigation of femtosecond laser induced microstress in neodymium doped lithium niobate crystals
A Ródenas, JA Sanz García, D Jaque, GA Torchia, C Mendez, I Arias, ...
Journal of applied physics 100 (3), 2006
Generation of high energy laser-driven electron and proton sources with the 200 TW system VEGA 2 at the Centro de Laseres Pulsados
L Volpe, R Fedosejevs, G Gatti, JA Pérez-Hernández, C Méndez, ...
High Power Laser Science and Engineering 7, e25, 2019
Interaction of femtosecond laser pulses with tempera paints
S Gaspard, M Oujja, P Moreno, C Mendez, A García, C Domingo, ...
Applied Surface Science 255 (5), 2675-2681, 2008
Propagation of ablation channels with multiple femtosecond laser pulses in dielectrics: numerical simulations and experiments
JRV De Aldana, C Méndez, L Roso, P Moreno
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 38 (16), 2764, 2005
Self-compression controlled by the chirp of the input pulse
O Varela, B Alonso, IJ Sola, J San Román, A Zaïr, C Méndez, L Roso
Optics letters 35 (21), 3649-3651, 2010
Observation of spontaneous self-channeling of light in air below the collapse threshold
C Ruiz, J San Roman, C Mendez, V Diaz, L Plaja, I Arias, L Roso
Physical review letters 95 (5), 053905, 2005
Laser gain in femtosecond microstructured Nd:MgO:LiNbO3 crystals
GA Torchia, C Mendez, I Arias, L Roso, A Rodenas, D Jaque
Applied Physics B 83, 559-563, 2006
High power vortex generation with volume phase holograms and non-linear experiments in gases
IJ Sola, V Collados, L Plaja, C Méndez, J San Román, C Ruiz, I Arias, ...
Applied Physics B 91, 115-118, 2008
Analysis of the main optical mechanisms responsible for fragmentation of gold nanoparticles by femtosecond laser radiation
FA Videla, GA Torchia, DC Schinca, LB Scaffardi, P Moreno, C Méndez, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 107 (11), 2010
Pulsed laser SEU cross section measurement using coincidence detectors
FR Palomo, JM Mogollon, J Napoles, H Guzman-Miranda, AP Vega-Leal, ...
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Wavelength tuning of femtosecond pulses generated in nonlinear crystals by using diffractive lenses
G Mínguez-Vega, C Romero, O Mendoza-Yero, JRV de Aldana, ...
Optics letters 35 (21), 3694-3696, 2010
Evaluation of femtosecond laser pulse irradiation of ancient parchment
M Walczak, M Oujja, L Crespo-Arca, A Garcia, C Mendez, P Moreno, ...
Applied Surface Science 255 (5), 3179-3183, 2008
Optical waveguide arrays induced in fused silica by void-like defects using femtosecond laser pulses
C Méndez, JR Vázquez de Aldana, GA Torchia, L Roso
Applied Physics B 86, 343-346, 2007
Integrated-grating-induced control of second-harmonic beams in frequency-doubling crystals
C Méndez, JRV de Aldana, GA Torchia, L Roso
Optics letters 30 (20), 2763-2765, 2005
Non-collinear sum-frequency generation of femtosecond pulses in a micro-structured β-BaB2O4 crystal
C Romero, JRV de Aldana, C Méndez, L Roso
Optics Express 16 (22), 18109-18117, 2008
Non-linear Young’s double-slit experiment
J San Roman, C Ruiz, JA Perez, D Delgado, C Mendez, L Plaja, L Roso
Optics Express 14 (7), 2817-2824, 2006
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