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The Glanville fritillary genome retains an ancient karyotype and reveals selective chromosomal fusions in Lepidoptera
V Ahola, R Lehtonen, P Somervuo, L Salmela, P Koskinen, P Rastas, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 4737, 2014
Highly Continuous Genome Assembly of Eurasian Perch (Perca fluviatilis) Using Linked-Read Sequencing
MY Ozerov, F Ahmad, R Gross, L Pukk, S Kahar, V Kisand, A Vasemägi
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 8 (12), 3737-3743, 2018
Less is more: extreme genome complexity reduction with dd RAD using Ion Torrent semiconductor technology
L Pukk, F Ahmad, S Hasan, V Kisand, R Gross, A Vasemägi
Molecular Ecology Resources 15 (5), 1145-1152, 2015
Invasion genomics: genotyping-by-sequencing approach reveals regional genetic structure and signatures of temporal selection in an introduced mud crab
T Forsström, F Ahmad, A Vasemägi
Marine Biology 164 (9), 186, 2017
Comparative high-density linkage mapping reveals conserved genome structure but variation in levels of heterochiasmy and location of recombination cold spots in the common frog
G Palomar, F Ahmad, A Vasemägi, C Matsuba, AG Nicieza, JM Cano
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 7 (2), 637-645, 2017
Double-restriction-site-associated DNA (dRAD) approach for fast microsatellite marker development in Eurasian perch (Perca fluviatilis L.)
RGAV Lilian Pukk, Veljo Kisand, Freed Ahmad
Conservation Genetics Resources 6 (1), 183-184, 2014
The strength and form of natural selection on transcript abundance in the wild
F Ahmad, PV Debes, I Nousiainen, S Kahar, L Pukk, R Gross, M Ozerov, ...
bioRxiv, 2020
Association mapping reveals candidate loci for resistance and anaemic response to an emerging temperature‐driven parasitic disease in a wild salmonid fish
F Ahmad, PV Debes, G Palomar, A Vasemägi
Molecular ecology 27 (6), 1385-1401, 2018
Know your enemy–transcriptome of myxozoan Tetracapsuloides bryosalmonae reveals potential drug targets against proliferative kidney disease in salmonids
F Ahmad, PV Debes, L Pukk, S Kahar, H Hartikainen, R Gross, ...
Parasitology 148 (6), 726-739, 2021
Humic-acid-driven escape from eye parasites revealed by RNA-seq and target-specific metabarcoding
K Noreikiene, M Ozerov, F Ahmad, T Kõiv, S Kahar, R Gross, M Sepp, ...
Parasites & Vectors 13 (1), 1-11, 2020
Tonsillar microbial diversity, abundance and interrelations in atopic and non-atopic individuals
LE Ivaska, T Hanif, F Ahmad, G Tan, C Altunbulakli, E Mikola, ...
Allergy: European journal of allergy and clinical immunology, 2020
Mapping of quantitative trait loci for life history traits segregating within common frog populations
G Palomar, A Vasemägi, F Ahmad, AG Nicieza, JM Cano
Heredity 122 (6), 800-808, 2019
RNA-SSPT: RNA Secondary Structure Prediction Tools
AM Ahmad F, Mahboob S, Gulzar T, Din SU, Hanif T, Ahmad H
Bioinformation 9 (17), 873-8, 2013
Mi-DISCOVERER: A bioinformatics tool for the detection of mi-RNA in human genome
S Arshad, A Mumtaz, F Ahmad, S Liaquat, S Nadeem, S Mehboob, ...
Bioinformation 5 (6), 271, 2010
Tonsillar transcriptional profiles in atopic and non‐atopic subjects
T Hanif, LE Ivaska, F Ahmad, G Tan, E Mikola, T Puhakka, O Palomares, ...
Allergy 78 (2), 522-536, 2023
Tonsillar transcriptional profiles in atopic and non-atopic
T Hanif, LE Ivaska, F Ahmad, G Tan, E Mikola, T Puhakka, O Palomares, ...
Structural characterization of specific, direct interactions between BTB oncoproteins Bcl-6 and PLZF and corepressors mediate transcriptional repression and offer potential for …
A Melnick, F Ahmad, S Takahashi, G Prive, J Licht
BLOOD 100 (11), 534A-534A, 2002
Molecular mechanism of action of the BTB class of transcriptional repressors.
AM Melnick, G Carlile, F Ahmad, G Prive, JD Licht
BLOOD 98 (11), 835A-835A, 2001
Identification of the molecular mechanism of recruitment of corepressors to specific target genes by the PLZF protein.
AM Melnick, G Carlile, F Ahmad, GG Prive, JD Licht
BLOOD 96 (11), 90A-90A, 2000
Characterization of novel structural motifs required for the cell biological, transcriptional and biochemical functions of the PLZF protein.
A Melnick, F Ahmad, A Polinger, G Carlile, G Prive, JD Licht
BLOOD 94 (10), 624A-624A, 1999
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