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Heterogeneity in resistance training-induced muscle strength and mass responses in men and women of different ages
JP Ahtiainen, S Walker, H Peltonen, J Holviala, E Sillanpää, L Karavirta, ...
Age 38, 1-13, 2016
Strength Training in Endurance Runners
R Taipale, J Mikkola, A Nummela, V Vesterinen, B Capostagno, S Walker, ...
International Journal of Sports Medicine 31, 468-476, 2010
Effects of a 9-month resistance training intervention on quality of life, sense of coherence, and depressive symptoms in older adults: randomized controlled trial
T Kekäläinen, K Kokko, S Sipilä, S Walker
Quality of life research 27, 455-465, 2018
Body composition in 18- to 88-year-old adults - Comparison of multifrequency bioimpedance and dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry
E Sillanpää, S Cheng, K Häkkinen, T Finni, S Walker, A Pesola, ...
Obesity 22, 101-109, 2014
Greater strength gains after training with accentuated eccentric than traditional isoinertial loads in already strength-trained men
S Walker, AJ Blazevich, GG Haff, JJ Tufano, RU Newton, K Häkkinen
Frontiers in physiology 7, 149, 2016
Neuromuscular fatigue during dynamic maximal strength and hypertrophic resistance loadings
S Walker, L Davis, J Avela, K Häkkinen
Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology 22, 356-362, 2012
Effects of prolonged hypertrophic resistance training on acute endocrine responses in young and older men
S Walker, F Santolamazza, W Kraemer, K Häkkinen
Journal of aging and physical activity 23 (2), 230-236, 2015
Molecular signaling in muscle is affected by the specificity of resistance exercise protocol
J Hulmi, J Walker, Simon, Ahtiainen, K Nyman, W Kraemer, K Häkkinen
Scandinavian Jornal of Medicine and Science in Sports 22, 240-248, 2012
Strength training improves metabolic health markers in older individual regardless of training frequency
JK Ihalainen, A Inglis, T Mäkinen, RU Newton, H Kainulainen, ...
Frontiers in physiology 10, 32, 2019
The order effect of combined endurance and strength loadings on force and hormone responses: effects of prolonged training
M Schumann, S Walker, M Izquierdo, R Newton, W Kraemer, K Häkkinen
European Journal of Applied Physiology 114 (4), 867-880, 2014
Neuromuscular and Hormonal Responses to constant and variable resistance loadings
S Walker, R Taipale, K Nyman, W Kraemer, K Häkkinen
Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 43 (1), 26-33, 2011
Variable resistance training promotes greater fatigue resistance but not hypertrophy versus constant resistance training
S Walker, J Hulmi, M Wernbom, W Kraemer, J Ahtiainen, K Häkkinen
European Journal of Applied Physiology 113 (9), 2233-2244, 2013
Effects of different strength training frequencies on maximum strength, body composition and functional capacity in healthy older individuals
M Turpela, K Häkkinen, GG Haff, S Walker
Experimental gerontology 98, 13-21, 2017
Acute leukocyte, cytokine and adipocytokine responses to maximal and hypertrophic resistance exercise bouts
J Ihalainen, S Walker, G Paulsen, K Häkkinen, WJ Kraemer, ...
European journal of applied physiology 114, 2607-2616, 2014
Improved maximum strength, vertical jump and sprint performance after 8 weeks of jump squat training with individualized loads
V Marián, L Katarína, O Dávid, K Matúš, W Simon
Journal of sports science & medicine 15 (3), 492, 2016
Cortical proprioceptive processing is altered by aging
H Piitulainen, S Seipäjärvi, J Avela, T Parviainen, S Walker
Frontiers in aging neuroscience 10, 147, 2018
Similar increases in strength after short-term resistance training due to different neuromuscular adaptations in young and older men
S Walker, K Häkkinen
The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research 28 (11), 3041-3048, 2014
Exercise type and volume alter signaling pathways regulating skeletal muscle glucose uptake and protein synthesis
JP Ahtiainen, S Walker, M Silvennoinen, H Kyröläinen, BC Nindl, ...
European journal of applied physiology 115, 1835-1845, 2015
Acute neuromuscular and hormonal responses during contrast loading: Effect of 11 weeks of contrast training
S Walker, J Ahtiainen, K Häkkinen
Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports 20, 226-234, 2010
Effects of resistance training frequency on cardiorespiratory fitness in older men and women during intervention and follow-up
E Fernández-Lezaun, M Schumann, T Mäkinen, H Kyröläinen, S Walker
Experimental Gerontology 95, 44-53, 2017
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