L. Diago-Cisneros
L. Diago-Cisneros
Professor, Dr. C.
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Multichannel tunneling in multiband heterostructures: Heavy-hole and light-hole transmission properties
L Diago-Cisneros, H Rodríguez-Coppola, R Pérez-Álvarez, P Pereyra
Physical Review B 74 (4), 045308, 2006
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L Diago-Cisneros, H Rodríguez-Coppola, R Pérez-Alvarez
Revista Mexicana de Física 46 (4), 337-347, 2000
A generalized eigenvalue problem solution for an uncoupled multicomponent system
L Diago-Cisneros, G Fernández-Anaya, G Bonfanti-Escalera
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Giant conductance and phase time anomalous events of hole quantum transport
S Arias-Laso, L Diago-Cisneros
Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures 44, 1730-1741, 2012
Status Solidi
L Diago-Cisneros, P Pereyra, R Pérez-Álvarez, H Rodríguez-Coppola
Editado por Pearson Addison-Wesley 1, 125, 2002
Rashba-coupling modelling for two-dimensional and high-order Rashba Hamiltonian for one-dimensional confined heavy holes
R Cuan, L Diago-Cisneros
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 110 (6), 67001, 2015
Quantum-ring spin interference device tuned by quantum point contacts
L Diago-Cisneros, F Mireles
Journal of Applied Physics 114 (19), 193706, 2013
Nonparabolicity effects and cyclotron mass in GaAs‐(Ga, Al) As superlattices in an in‐plane magnetic field
A Bruno‐Alfonso, L Diago‐Cisneros, M de Dios‐Leyva
Journal of applied physics 77 (6), 2837-2839, 1995
Generalized eigenvalue problem criteria for multiband-coupled systems: hole mixing phenomenon study
A Mendoza-Álvarez, JJ Flores-Godoy, G Fernández-Anaya, ...
Physica Scripta 84 (5), 055702, 2011
Tunelaje multicanal y simetría de los huecos en heteroestructuras semiconductoras
L Diago-Cisneros
Universidad de La Habana, Cuba, 2006
Symmetries and general principles in the multiband effective mass theory: a transfer matrix study
L Diago-Cisneros, H Rodríguez-Coppola, R Pérez-Álvarez, P Pereyra
Physica Scripta 71 (6), 582, 2005
Hole spectra and conductance for quantum wire systems under Rashba spin-orbit interaction
R Cuan, L Diago-Cisneros
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L Diago-Cisneros, H Rodrı́guez-Coppola, R Pérez-Álvarez, P Pereyra
Microelectronics journal 35 (1), 49-51, 2004
Multichannel transmission of holes in a multiband problem
L Diago‐Cisneros, P Pereyra‐Padilla, R Pérez‐Álvarez, ...
physica status solidi (b) 232 (1), 125-129, 2002
Valence‐band effective‐potential evolution for coupled holes
JJ Flores‐Godoy, A Mendoza‐Álvarez, L Diago‐Cisneros, ...
physica status solidi (b) 250 (7), 1339-1344, 2013
Dispersión dependiente del espín de paquetes de ondas de huecos en hilos cuánticos
R Cuan, L Diago-Cisneros
Revista Cubana de Física 27 (2), 212-218, 2010
Phase time properties for an uncoupled multicomponent physical heterostructure
L Diago-Cisneros, H Rodríguez-Coppola, R Perez-Alvarez, P Pereyra
Revista Mexicana de Física S 53 (7), 99-102, 2007
Electrical tuning of helical edge states in topological multilayers
T Campos, MAT Sandoval, L Diago-Cisneros, GM Sipahi
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 31 (49), 495501, 2019
Phase Time and Conductance Phenomena in the Tunneling of Uncoupled Holes
S Arias-Laso, L Diago-Cisneros
Revista Cubana de Física 26 (2A), 197-202, 2009
The stationary phase method for a wave packet in a semiconductor layered system. The applicability of the method
H Rodríguez-Coppola, L Diago-Cisneros, R Pérez-Álvarez
Journal of Applied Physics 102 (9), 094315, 2007
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