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Diagnostics of bearings in presence of strong operating conditions non-stationarity—A procedure of load-dependent features processing with application to wind turbine bearings
R Zimroz, W Bartelmus, T Barszcz, J Urbanek
Mechanical systems and signal processing 46 (1), 16-27, 2014
A two-step procedure for estimation of instantaneous rotational speed with large fluctuations
J Urbanek, T Barszcz, J Antoni
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 38 (1), 96-102, 2013
Measurement of instantaneous shaft speed by advanced vibration signal processing-application to wind turbine gearbox
R Zimroz, J Urbanek, T Barszcz, W Bartelmus, F Millioz, N Martin
Application of averaged instantaneous power spectrum for diagnostics of machinery operating under non-stationary operational conditions
J Urbanek, T Barszcz, R Zimroz, J Antoni
Measurement 45 (7), 1782-1791, 2012
Comparison of amplitude-based and phase-based method for speed tracking in application to wind turbines
J Urbanek, T Barszcz, N Sawalhi, RB Randall
Metrology and measurement systems 18 (2), 295-303, 2011
Time–frequency approach to extraction of selected second-order cyclostationary vibration components for varying operational conditions
J Urbanek, T Barszcz, J Antoni
Measurement 46 (4), 1454-1463, 2013
Detection of signal component modulations using modulation intensity distribution
J Urbanek, J Antoni, T Barszcz
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 28, 399-413, 2012
Re-evaluating the effect of age on physical activity over the lifespan
VR Varma, D Dey, A Leroux, J Di, J Urbanek, L Xiao, V Zipunnikov
Preventive medicine 101, 102-108, 2017
Integrated modulation intensity distribution as a practical tool for condition monitoring
J Urbanek, T Barszcz, J Antoni
Applied acoustics 77, 184-194, 2014
Wind turbine main bearing diagnosis-A proposal of data processing and decision making procedure under non stationary load condition
R Zimroz, W Bartelmus, T Barszcz, J Urbanek
Key Engineering Materials 518, 437-444, 2012
Prediction of sustained harmonic walking in the free-living environment using raw accelerometry data
JK Urbanek, V Zipunnikov, T Harris, W Fadel, N Glynn, A Koster, ...
Physiological measurement 39 (2), 02NT02, 2018
Normalization of vibration signals generated under highly varying speed and load with application to signal separation
J Urbanek, T Barszcz, M Strączkiewicz, A Jablonski
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 82, 13-31, 2017
Epidemiology of objectively measured bedtime and chronotype in US adolescents and adults: NHANES 2003–2006
JK Urbanek, AP Spira, J Di, A Leroux, C Crainiceanu, V Zipunnikov
Chronobiology international 35 (3), 416-434, 2018
Bearings fault detection in gas compressor in presence of high level of non-Gaussian impulsive noise
T Barszcz, R Zimroz, J Urbanek, A Jabłoński, W Bartelmus
Key Engineering Materials 569, 473-480, 2013
Leak detection in gas pipelines using wavelet-based filtering
J Urbanek, T Barszcz, T Uhl, WJ Staszewski, SBM Beck, B Schmidt
Structural Health Monitoring 11 (4), 405-412, 2012
Association of Total Daily Physical Activity and Fragmented Physical Activity With Mortality in Older Adults
AA Wanigatunga, J Di, V Zipunnikov, JK Urbanek, PL Kuo, EM Simonsick, ...
JAMA Network Open 2 (10), e1912352-e1912352, 2019
Stride variability measures derived from wrist-and hip-worn accelerometers
JK Urbanek, J Harezlak, NW Glynn, T Harris, C Crainiceanu, V Zipunnikov
Gait & posture 52, 217-223, 2017
Patterns of sedentary and active time accumulation are associated with mortality in US adults: The NHANES study
J Di, A Leroux, J Urbanek, R Varadhan, AP Spira, J Schrack, V Zipunnikov
bioRxiv, 182337, 2017
Comparison of advanced signal-processing methods for roller bearing faults detection
J Urbanek, T Barszcz, T Uhl
Metrology and Measurement Systems 19 (4), 715-726, 2012
Validation of gait characteristics extracted from raw accelerometry during walking against measures of physical function, mobility, fatigability, and fitness
JK Urbanek, V Zipunnikov, T Harris, C Crainiceanu, J Harezlak, NW Glynn
The Journals of Gerontology: Series A, 2017
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