Maciej Pabijan
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Radically different phylogeographies and patterns of genetic variation in two European brown frogs, genus Rana
M Vences, JS Hauswaldt, S Steinfartz, O Rupp, A Goesmann, S Künzel, ...
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 68 (3), 657-670, 2013
Long‐term survival of a urodele amphibian despite depleted major histocompatibility complex variation
W Babik, M Pabijan, JW Arntzen, D Cogalniceanu, W Durka, J Radwan
Molecular Ecology 18 (5), 769-781, 2009
Contrasting patterns of variation in MHC loci in the Alpine newt
W Babik, M Pabijan, J Radwan
Molecular Ecology 17 (10), 2339-2355, 2008
Genetic divergence in tropical anurans: deeper phylogeographic structure in forest specialists and in topographically complex regions
A Rodríguez, M Börner, M Pabijan, M Gehara, CFB Haddad, M Vences
Evolutionary Ecology 29, 765-785, 2015
The dissection of a Pleistocene refugium: phylogeography of the smooth newt, Lissotriton vulgaris, in the Balkans
M Pabijan, P Zieliński, K Dudek, M Chloupek, K Sotiropoulos, M Liana, ...
Journal of Biogeography 42 (4), 671-683, 2015
Small body size increases the regional differentiation of populations of tropical mantellid frogs (Anura: Mantellidae)
M Pabijan, KC Wollenberg, M Vences
Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 2012
Leapfrogging into new territory: how Mascarene ridged frogs diversified across Africa and Madagascar to maintain their ecological niche
BM Zimkus, LP Lawson, MF Barej, CD Barratt, A Channing, KM Dash, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 106, 254-269, 2017
Isolation and gene flow in a speciation continuum in newts
M Pabijan, P Zieliński, K Dudek, M Stuglik, W Babik
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 116, 1-12, 2017
Complete mitochondrial genomes resolve phylogenetic relationships within Bombina (Anura: Bombinatoridae)
M Pabijan, A Wandycz, S Hofman, K Węcek, M Piwczyński, JM Szymura
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 69 (1), 63-74, 2013
The influence of riverine barriers on phylogeographic patterns of Malagasy reed frogs (< i> Heterixalus</i>)
PS Gehring, M Pabijan, JE Randrianirina, F Glaw, M Vences
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 2012
Genetic structure in northeastern populations of the Alpine newt (Triturus alpestris): evidence for post‐Pleistocene differentiation
M Pabijan, W Babik
Molecular Ecology 15 (9), 2397-2407, 2006
Patterns, mechanisms and genetics of speciation in reptiles and amphibians
KC Wollenberg Valero, JC Marshall, E Bastiaans, A Caccone, A Camargo, ...
Genes 10 (9), 646, 2019
Evolutionary principles guiding amphibian conservation
M Pabijan, G Palomar, B Antunes, W Antoł, P Zieliński, W Babik
Evolutionary Applications 13 (5), 857-878, 2020
A multigene species tree for Western Mediterranean painted frogs (< i> Discoglossus</i>)
M Pabijan, A Crottini, D Reckwell, I Irisarri, J Susanne Hauswaldt, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 2012
The distributions of the six species constituting the smooth newt species complex (Lissotriton vulgaris sensu lato and L. montandoni)–an addition to the New Atlas of Amphibians …
B Wielstra, D Canestrelli, M Cvijanović, M Denoël, A Fijarczyk, ...
Amphibia-Reptilia 39 (2), 252-259, 2018
Mitochondrial genome organization and divergence in hybridizing central European waterfrogs of the< i> Pelophylax esculentus</i> complex (Anura, Ranidae)
S Hofman, M Pabijan, D Dziewulska-Szwajkowska, JM Szymura
Gene, 2011
Constraint and adaptation in newt toll-like receptor genes
W Babik, K Dudek, A Fijarczyk, M Pabijan, M Stuglik, R Szkotak, ...
Genome Biology and Evolution 7 (1), 81-95, 2015
Changes in a regional batrachofauna in south-central Poland over a 25 year period
M Bonk, M Pabijan
North-West J Zool 6 (2), 225-244, 2010
A Tarzan yell for conservation: a new chameleon, Calumma tarzan sp. n., proposed as a flagship species for the creation of new nature reserves in Madagascar
PS Gehring, M Pabijan, FM Ratsoavina, J Köhler, M Vences, F Glaw
Salamandra 46 (3), 167-179, 2010
Preliminary genetic data suggest the occurrence of the Balkan water frog, Pelophylax kurtmuelleri, in southwestern Poland
K Kolenda, A Pietras-Lebioda, S Hofman, M Ogielska, M Pabijan
Amphibia-Reptilia 38 (2), 187-196, 2017
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