Anthi Ranella
Anthi Ranella
Principal Researcher IESL - FORTH
Zweryfikowany adres z iesl.forth.gr
Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Tuning cell adhesion by controlling the roughness and wettability of 3D micro/nano silicon structures
A Ranella, M Barberoglou, S Bakogianni, C Fotakis, E Stratakis
Acta biomaterialia 6 (7), 2711-2720, 2010
Direct laser writing of 3D scaffolds for neural tissue engineering applications
V Melissinaki, AA Gill, I Ortega, M Vamvakaki, A Ranella, JW Haycock, ...
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Biomimetic micro/nanostructured functional surfaces for microfluidic and tissue engineering applications
E Stratakis, A Ranella, C Fotakis
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Controlling the morphology and outgrowth of nerve and neuroglial cells: The effect of surface topography
C Simitzi, A Ranella, E Stratakis
Acta biomaterialia 51, 21-52, 2017
Three-dimensional biodegradable structures fabricated by two-photon polymerization
F Claeyssens, EA Hasan, A Gaidukeviciute, DS Achilleos, A Ranella, ...
Langmuir 25 (5), 3219-3223, 2009
Serum levels of pro‐and anti‐inflammatory cytokines in non‐pregnant women, during pregnancy, labour and abortion
S Vassiliadis, A Ranella, L Papadimitriou, A Makrygiannakis, ...
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Directed three-dimensional patterning of self-assembled peptide fibrils
V Dinca, E Kasotakis, J Catherine, A Mourka, A Ranella, A Ovsianikov, ...
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Laser-based micro/nanoengineering for biological applications
E Stratakis, A Ranella, M Farsari, C Fotakis
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Biofabrication for neural tissue engineering applications
L Papadimitriou, P Manganas, A Ranella, E Stratakis
Materials Today Bio 6, 100043, 2020
Laser fabricated discontinuous anisotropic microconical substrates as a new model scaffold to control the directionality of neuronal network outgrowth
C Simitzi, P Efstathopoulos, A Kourgiantaki, A Ranella, ...
Biomaterials 67, 115-128, 2015
Quantification of the activity of biomolecules in microarrays obtained by direct laser transfer
V Dinca, A Ranella, M Farsari, D Kafetzopoulos, M Dinescu, A Popescu, ...
Biomedical Microdevices 10, 719-725, 2008
Laser‐made 3D auxetic metamaterial scaffolds for tissue engineering applications
G Flamourakis, I Spanos, Z Vangelatos, P Manganas, L Papadimitriou, ...
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Controlling cell adhesion via replication of laser micro/nano-textured surfaces on polymers
N Koufaki, A Ranella, KE Aifantis, M Barberoglou, S Psycharakis, ...
Biofabrication 3 (4), 045004, 2011
Detection of soluble HLA-G levels in maternal serum can be predictive for a successful pregnancy
I Athanassakis, M Paflis, A Ranella, S Vassiliadis
Transplantation proceedings 31 (4), 1834-1837, 1999
Inhibition of nitric oxide production rescues LPS-induced fetal abortion in mice
I Athanassakis, I Aifantis, A Ranella, K Giouremou, S Vassiliadis
Nitric Oxide 3 (3), 216-224, 1999
Fabrication of porous biopolymer substrates for cell growth by UV laser: The role of pulse duration
M Castillejo, E Rebollar, M Oujja, M Sanz, A Selimis, M Sigletou, ...
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Tailor-made three-dimensional hybrid scaffolds for cell cultures
S Psycharakis, A Tosca, V Melissinaki, A Giakoumaki, A Ranella
Biomedical Materials 6 (4), 045008, 2011
Constitutive intracellular expression of human leukocyte antigen (HLA)-DO and HLA-DR but not HLA-DM in trophoblast cells
A Ranella, S Vassiliadis, C Mastora, M Valentina, E Dionyssopoulou, ...
Human immunology 66 (1), 43-55, 2005
Controlling the outgrowth and functions of neural stem cells: the effect of surface topography
C Simitzi, K Karali, A Ranella, E Stratakis
ChemPhysChem 19 (10), 1143-1163, 2018
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