Hui Deng
Hui Deng
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Exciton-polariton bose-einstein condensation
H Deng, H Haug, Y Yamamoto
Reviews of modern physics 82 (2), 1489, 2010
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H Deng, G Weihs, C Santori, J Bloch, Y Yamamoto
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KS Choi, H Deng, J Laurat, HJ Kimble
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H Deng, G Weihs, D Snoke, J Bloch, Y Yamamoto
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of …, 2003
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CW Lai, NY Kim, S Utsunomiya, G Roumpos, H Deng, MD Fraser, ...
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J Laurat, KS Choi, H Deng, CW Chou, HJ Kimble
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Functional quantum nodes for entanglement distribution over scalable quantum networks
CW Chou, J Laurat, H Deng, KS Choi, H De Riedmatten, D Felinto, ...
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L Zhang, R Gogna, W Burg, E Tutuc, H Deng
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Quantum degenerate exciton-polaritons in thermal equilibrium
H Deng, D Press, S Götzinger, GS Solomon, R Hey, KH Ploog, ...
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EY Paik, L Zhang, GW Burg, R Gogna, E Tutuc, H Deng
Nature 576 (7785), 80-84, 2019
Twist-angle dependence of moiré excitons in WS2/MoSe2 heterobilayers
L Zhang, Z Zhang, F Wu, D Wang, R Gogna, S Hou, K Watanabe, ...
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EC Regan, D Wang, EY Paik, Y Zeng, L Zhang, J Zhu, AH MacDonald, ...
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I Shelykh, KV Kavokin, AV Kavokin, G Malpuech, P Bigenwald, H Deng, ...
Physical Review B 70 (3), 035320, 2004
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