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Susanne Brummelte
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Procedural pain and brain development in premature newborns
S Brummelte, RE Grunau, V Chau, KJ Poskitt, R Brant, J Vinall, A Gover, ...
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Postpartum depression: Etiology, treatment and consequences for maternal care
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Depression during pregnancy and postpartum: contribution of stress and ovarian hormones
S Brummelte, LAM Galea
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S Brummelte, LAM Galea
Neuroscience 168 (3), 680-690, 2010
Developmental changes in serotonin signaling: Implications for early brain function, behavior and adaptation
S Brummelte, E Mc Glanaghy, A Bonnin, TF Oberlander
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S Brummelte, LAM Galea
Hormones and behavior 58 (5), 769-779, 2010
High post-partum levels of corticosterone given to dams influence postnatal hippocampal cell proliferation and behavior of offspring: a model of post-partum stress and possible …
S Brummelte, JL Pawluski, LAM Galea
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S Brummelte, CMY Chau, IL Cepeda, A Degenhardt, J Weinberg, ...
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CK Barha, S Brummelte, SE Lieblich, LAM Galea
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Endocrine regulation of cognition and neuroplasticity: our pursuit to unveil the complex interaction between hormones, the brain, and behaviour.
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Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology/Revue canadienne de psychologie …, 2008
Neonatal pain and reduced maternal care: early-life stressors interacting to impact brain and behavioral development
SM Mooney-Leber, S Brummelte
Neuroscience 342, 21-36, 2017
Neonatal pain-related stress and NFKBIA genotype are associated with altered cortisol levels in preterm boys at school age
RE Grunau, IL Cepeda, CMY Chau, S Brummelte, J Weinberg, PM Lavoie, ...
PloS one 8 (9), e73926, 2013
Declining cognitive development from 8 to 18 months in preterm children predicts persisting higher parenting stress
S Brummelte, RE Grunau, AR Synnes, MF Whitfield, J Petrie-Thomas
Early human development 87 (4), 273-280, 2011
Cortisol levels in relation to maternal interaction and child internalizing behavior in preterm and full‐term children at 18 months corrected age
S Brummelte, RE Grunau, A Zaidman‐Zait, J Weinberg, D Nordstokke, ...
Developmental Psychobiology 53 (2), 184-195, 2011
Parity modifies the effects of fluoxetine and corticosterone on behavior, stress reactivity, and hippocampal neurogenesis
JL Workman, AR Gobinath, NF Kitay, C Chow, S Brummelte, LAM Galea
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Postpartum corticosterone administration reduces dendritic complexity and increases the density of mushroom spines of hippocampal CA 3 arbours in dams
JL Workman, S Brummelte, LAM Galea
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Gestational and postpartum corticosterone exposure to the dam affects behavioral and endocrine outcome of the offspring in a sexually-dimorphic manner
S Brummelte, SE Lieblich, LAM Galea
Neuropharmacology 62 (1), 406-418, 2012
Resilience priming: translational models for understanding resiliency and adaptation to early life adversity
AC Kentner, JF Cryan, S Brummelte
Developmental psychobiology 61 (3), 350-375, 2019
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