Mariusz Specht
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Application of an Autonomous/Unmanned Survey Vessel (ASV/USV) in Bathymetric Measurements
C Specht, E Świtalski, M Specht
Polish Maritime Research 24 (3), 36-44, 2017
Comparative analysis of positioning accuracy of GNSS receivers of Samsung Galaxy smartphones in marine dynamic measurements
C Specht, PS Dabrowski, J Pawelski, M Specht, T Szot
Advances in Space Research 63 (9), 3018-3028, 2019
Assessment of the Positioning Accuracy of DGPS and EGNOS Systems in the Bay of Gdansk using Maritime Dynamic Measurements
C Specht, J Pawelski, L Smolarek, M Specht, P Dabrowski
The Journal of Navigation 72 (3), 575-587, 2019
Assessment of the Steering Precision of a Hydrographic Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) along Sounding Profiles Using a Low-Cost Multi-Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS …
M Specht, C Specht, H Lasota, P Cywiński
Sensors 19 (18), 3939, 2019
Comparative analysis of positioning accuracy of Samsung Galaxy smartphones in stationary measurements
T Szot, C Specht, M Specht, PS Dabrowski
PLOS One 14 (4), e0215562, 2019
Comparative Analysis of Active Geodetic Networks in Poland
C Specht, M Specht, P Dąbrowski
17th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference SGEM 2017 17 …, 2017
Concept of an Innovative Autonomous Unmanned System for Bathymetric Monitoring of Shallow Waterbodies (INNOBAT System)
M Specht, A Stateczny, C Specht, S Widźgowski, O Lewicka, ...
Energies 14 (17), 5370, 2021
Accuracy of the GPS Positioning System in the Context of Increasing the Number of Satellites in the Constellation
C Specht, M Mania, M Skóra, M Specht
Polish Maritime Research 22, 9-14, 2015
Methodology for Carrying Out Measurements of the Tombolo Geomorphic Landform Using Unmanned Aerial and Surface Vehicles near Sopot Pier, Poland
C Specht, O Lewicka, M Specht, P Dąbrowski, P Burdziakowski
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 8 (6), 384, 2020
Using UAV Photogrammetry to Analyse Changes in the Coastal Zone Based on the Sopot Tombolo (Salient) Measurement Project
P Burdziakowski, C Specht, PS Dabrowski, M Specht, O Lewicka, A Makar
Sensors 20 (14), 4000, 2020
Diagnostics of the Tram Track Shape with the Use of the Global Positioning Satellite Systems (GPS/Glonass) Measurements with a 20 Hz Frequency Sampling
C Specht, W Koc, L Smolarek, A Grządziela, J Szmagliński, M Specht
Journal of Vibroengineering 16 (6), 3076-3085, 2014
Geospatial Modeling of the Tombolo Phenomenon in Sopot using Integrated Geodetic and Hydrographic Measurement Methods
M Specht, C Specht, J Mindykowski, P Dąbrowski, R Maśnicki, A Makar
Remote Sensing 12 (4), 737, 2020
Integration of Multi-source Geospatial Data from GNSS Receivers, Terrestrial Laser Scanners, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
PS Dąbrowski, C Specht, M Specht, P Burdziakowski, A Makar, O Lewicka
Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing 47 (4), 621-634, 2021
A History of Maritime Radio-navigation Positioning Systems Used in Poland
C Specht, A Weintrit, M Specht
The Journal of Navigation 69 (3), 468-480, 2016
Road Tests of the Positioning Accuracy of INS/GNSS Systems Based on MEMS Technology for Navigating Railway Vehicles
M Specht, C Specht, P Dąbrowski, K Czaplewski, L Smolarek, O Lewicka
Energies 13 (17), 4463, 2020
Study on the Positioning Accuracy of GNSS/INS Systems Supported by DGPS and RTK Receivers for Hydrographic Surveys
A Stateczny, C Specht, M Specht, D Brčić, A Jugović, S Widźgowski, ...
Energies 14 (21), 7413, 2021
Testing GNSS receiver accuracy in Samsung Galaxy series mobile phones at a sports stadium
C Specht, T Szot, P Dąbrowski, M Specht
Measurement Science and Technology 31 (6), 1-12, 2020
Study on the Coastline Evolution in Sopot (2008–2018) Based on Landsat Satellite Imagery
M Specht, C Specht, O Lewicka, A Makar, P Burdziakowski, P Dąbrowski
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 8 (6), 464, 2020
Determination of Navigation System Positioning Accuracy Using the Reliability Method Based on Real Measurements
M Specht
Remote Sensing 13 (21), 4424, 2021
Statistical Distribution Analysis of Navigation Positioning System Errors – Issue of the Empirical Sample Size
M Specht
Sensors 20 (24), 7144, 2020
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