Bohan Zhang
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Cytowane przez
Integrating photonics with silicon nanoelectronics for the next generation of systems on a chip
AH Atabaki, S Moazeni, F Pavanello, H Gevorgyan, J Notaros, L Alloatti, ...
Nature 556 (7701), 349-354, 2018
Serpentine optical phased arrays for scalable integrated photonic LIDAR beam steering
N Dostart, B Zhang, A Khilo, M Brand, KA Qubaisi, D Onural, D Feldkhun, ...
Optica 7 (6), 726-733, 2020
Motility-based label-free detection of parasites in bodily fluids using holographic speckle analysis and deep learning
Y Zhang, H Ceylan Koydemir, MM Shimogawa, S Yalcin, A Guziak, T Liu, ...
Light: Science & Applications 7 (1), 108, 2018
Compact multi-million Q resonators and 100 MHz passband filter bank in a thick-SOI photonics platform
B Zhang, K Al Qubaisi, M Cherchi, M Harjanne, Y Ehrlichman, AN Khilo, ...
Optics Letters 45 (11), 3005-3008, 2020
Serpentine optical phased array silicon photonic aperture tile with two-dimensional wavelength beam steering
B Zhang, N Dostart, A Khilo, M Brand, K Al Qubaisi, D Onural, D Feldkhun, ...
Optical Fiber Communication Conference, M4E. 5, 2019
Ultra-high Q resonators and sub-GHz bandwidth second order filters in an SOI foundry platform
D Onural, H Gevorgyan, B Zhang, A Khilo, MA Popović
Optical Fiber Communication Conference, W1A. 4, 2020
Demonstration of 3±0.12 dB power splitting over 145 nm optical bandwidth in a 31-µm long 3-dB rapid adiabatic coupler
JMF Cabanillas, B Zhang, MA Popović
Optical Fiber Communication Conference, Th1A. 2, 2020
Monolithic Optical Transceivers in 65 nm Bulk CMOS
AH Atabaki, S Moazeni, F Pavanello, H Gevorgyan, J Notaros, L Alloatti, ...
2018 Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exposition (OFC), 1-3, 2018
A hemispherical monopole rectenna array for multi-directional, multi-polarization, and multi-band ambient RF energy harvesting
B Zhang, JM Kovitz, Y Rahmat-Samii
2016 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (APSURSI), 603-604, 2016
Vernier Si-photonic phased array transceiver for grating lobe suppression and extended field-of-view
N Dostart, M Brand, B Zhang, D Feldkhun, K Wagner, MA Popović
2019 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO), 1-2, 2019
High-resolution and compact serpentine integrated grating spectrometer
M Brand, B Zhang, D Onural, K Al Qubaisi, M Popović, N Dostart, ...
JOSA B 38 (7), A75-A85, 2021
Vernier optical phased array lidar transceivers
N Dostart, B Zhang, M Brand, K Al Qubaisi, D Onural, D Feldkhun, ...
Optics Express 30 (14), 24589-24601, 2022
Fourier-basis structured illumination imaging with an array of integrated optical phased arrays
N Dostart, B Zhang, M Brand, D Feldkhun, M Popović, K Wagner
JOSA A 38 (10), B19-B28, 2021
High Shift Efficiency O-band Spoked-Ring Modulator Allowing Fully Electro-Optic Channel Tuning in a 45nm CMOS Platform
H Gevorgyan, D Van Orden, D Onural, D Gluhović, B Zhang, A Khilo, ...
CLEO: Science and Innovations, SW3C. 5, 2021
Super-Resolved Interferometric Imaging with a Self-Cohering Si-Photonic Beam-Steering LIDAR Array
KH Wagner, D Feldkhun, B Zhang, N Dostart, M Brand, M Popović
Digital Holography and Three-Dimensional Imaging, M5A. 1, 2019
Polarization-insensitive 1D grating coupler based on a zero-birefringence subwavelength corelet waveguide
B Zhang, M Schiller, K Al Qubaisi, D Onural, A Khilo, MJ Naughton, ...
Optics Letters 47 (13), 3167-3170, 2022
Sub-decibel Efficiency, Bi-Layer, O-band Fiber-to-Chip Grating Coupler Demonstrated in a 45 nm CMOS Foundry Platform
B Zhang, D Gluhovic, A Khilo, MA Popović
CLEO: Science and Innovations, STu5G. 4, 2022
Photonic molecule electro-optic modulators for efficient, widely tunable RF sideband generation and wavelength conversion
M Singh, B Zhang, D Onural, H Gevorgyan, MA Popović
Frontiers in Optics, FTh6B. 2, 2021
Compact Broadband Rapid-Adiabatic Polarization Splitter-Rotators in a Monolithic Electronic-Photonic SOI Platform
JMF Cabanillas, MK Singh, B Zhang, MA Popović
2021 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO), 1-2, 2021
3-D Fourier Synthesis Active Imaging using a Spatio-Spectral Non-Redundant Array of Silicon-Photonic Beamsteering Tiles
KH Wagner, N Dostart, KT Ting, B Zhang, M Brand, D Feldkhun, ...
Computational Optical Sensing and Imaging, CF1C. 5, 2020
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