Thomas Ayral
Thomas Ayral
Atos Quantum Lab, Les Clayes-sous-Bois, France
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
TRIQS: A toolbox for research on interacting quantum systems
O Parcollet, M Ferrero, T Ayral, H Hafermann, I Krivenko, L Messio, P Seth
Computer Physics Communications 196, 398-415, 2015
Screening and nonlocal correlations in the extended Hubbard model from self-consistent combined G W and dynamical mean field theory
T Ayral, S Biermann, P Werner
Physical Review B 87 (12), 125149, 2013
Mott physics and spin fluctuations: A unified framework
T Ayral, O Parcollet
Physical Review B 92 (11), 115109, 2015
Long-Range Coulomb Interactions in Surface Systems: A First-Principles Description within Self-Consistently Combined G W and Dynamical Mean-Field Theory
P Hansmann, T Ayral, L Vaugier, P Werner, S Biermann
Physical review letters 110 (16), 166401, 2013
Spectral Properties of Correlated Materials: Local Vertex and Nonlocal Two-Particle Correlations from Combined and Dynamical Mean Field Theory
T Ayral, P Werner, S Biermann
Physical Review Letters 109 (22), 226401, 2012
Extended dynamical mean-field study of the Hubbard model with long-range interactions
L Huang, T Ayral, S Biermann, P Werner
Physical Review B 90 (19), 195114, 2014
Mott physics and spin fluctuations: A functional viewpoint
T Ayral, O Parcollet
Physical Review B 93 (23), 235124, 2016
Mott physics and collective modes: An atomic approximation of the four-particle irreducible functional
T Ayral, O Parcollet
Physical Review B 94 (7), 075159, 2016
Dynamical Correlations and Screened Exchange on the Experimental Bench: Spectral Properties of the Cobalt Pnictide
A Van Roekeghem, T Ayral, JM Tomczak, M Casula, N Xu, H Ding, ...
Physical review letters 113 (26), 266403, 2014
Influence of Fock exchange in combined many-body perturbation and dynamical mean field theory
T Ayral, S Biermann, P Werner, L Boehnke
Physical Review B 95 (24), 245130, 2017
Fierz convergence criterion: A controlled approach to strongly interacting systems with small embedded clusters
T Ayral, J Vučičević, O Parcollet
Physical Review Letters 119 (16), 166401, 2017
Dynamical mean-field theory, density-matrix embedding theory, and rotationally invariant slave bosons: A unified perspective
T Ayral, TH Lee, G Kotliar
Physical Review B 96 (23), 235139, 2017
TRILEX and +EDMFT approach to -wave superconductivity in the Hubbard model
J Vučičević, T Ayral, O Parcollet
Physical Review B 96 (10), 104504, 2017
Rotationally invariant slave-boson and density matrix embedding theory: Unified framework and comparative study on the one-dimensional and two-dimensional Hubbard model
TH Lee, T Ayral, YX Yao, N Lanata, G Kotliar
Physical Review B 99 (11), 115129, 2019
Large effects of subtle electronic correlations on the energetics of vacancies in α-Fe
P Delange, T Ayral, SI Simak, M Ferrero, O Parcollet, S Biermann, ...
Physical Review B 94 (10), 100102, 2016
Uncertainty principle for experimental measurements: Fast versus slow probes
P Hansmann, T Ayral, A Tejeda, S Biermann
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-9, 2016
Quantum Divide and Compute: Hardware Demonstrations and Noisy Simulations
T Ayral, FML Régent, Z Saleem, Y Alexeev, M Suchara
2020 IEEE Computer Society Annual Symposium on VLSI (ISVLSI), 2020
Benchmarking quantum coprocessors in an application-centric, hardware-agnostic, and scalable way
S Martiel, T Ayral, C Allouche
IEEE Transactions on Quantum Engineering 2, 1-11, 2021
Chiral -wave superconductivity in a triangular surface lattice mediated by long-range interaction
X Cao, T Ayral, Z Zhong, O Parcollet, D Manske, P Hansmann
Physical Review B 97 (15), 155145, 2018
Solving optimization problems with Rydberg analog quantum computers: Realistic requirements for quantum advantage using noisy simulation and classical benchmarks
M Fabrice Serret, B Marchand, T Ayral
Physical Review A 102, 052617, 2020
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