Farzin Dadashi
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Gait and Foot Clearance Parameters Obtained Using Shoe-Worn Inertial Sensors in a Large-Population Sample of Older Adults
F Dadashi, B Mariani, S Rochat, C Büla, B Santos-Eggimann, K Aminian
Sensors 14 (1), 2014
Front-Crawl Instantaneous Velocity Estimation Using a Wearable Inertial Measurement Unit
F Dadashi, F Crettenand, G.P Millet, K Aminian
Sensors 12 (10), 12927-12939, 2012
Automatic Front-Crawl Temporal Phase Detection Using Adaptive Filtering of Inertial Signals
F Dadashi, F Crettenand, G Millet, L Seifert, J Komar, K Aminian
Journal of Sports Sciences 31 (11), 1251-1260, 2013
A wrist sensor and algorithm to determine instantaneous walking cadence and speed in daily life walking
B Fasel, C Duc, F Dadashi, F Bardyn, M Savary, PA Farine, K Aminian
Medical & biological engineering & computing 55, 1773-1785, 2017
Gait speed in clinical and daily living assessments in Parkinson’s disease patients: performance versus capacity
A Atrsaei, MF Corrà, F Dadashi, N Vila-Chã, L Maia, B Mariani, ...
npj Parkinson's Disease 7 (1), 24, 2021
A Hidden Markov Model of the Breaststroke Swimming Temporal Phases Using Wearable Inertial Measurement Units
F Dadashi, A Arami, F Crettenand, GP Millet, J Komar, L Seifert, ...
10th IEEE Body Sensor Networks Conference, MIT, Cambridge, USA, 2013, 2013
Gait recognition using wavelet packet silhouette representation and transductive support vector machines
F Dadashi, BN Araabi, H Soltanian-Zadeh
2009 2nd International Congress on Image and Signal Processing, 1-5, 2009
Front-crawl stroke descriptors variability assessment for skill characterisation
F Dadashi, GP Millet, K Aminian
Journal of sports sciences 34 (15), 1405-1412, 2016
Inter-limb coordination and energy cost in swimming
L Seifert, J Komar, F Crettenand, F Dadashi, K Aminian, GP Millet
Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 2013
A Bayesian approach for pervasive estimation of breaststroke velocity using a wearable IMU
F Dadashi, GP Millet, K Aminian
Pervasive and Mobile Computing 19, 37-46, 2015
Postural transitions detection and characterization in healthy and patient populations using a single waist sensor
A Atrsaei, F Dadashi, C Hansen, E Warmerdam, B Mariani, W Maetzler, ...
Journal of neuroengineering and rehabilitation 17, 1-14, 2020
Inertial measurement unit and biomechanical analysis of swimming: an update
F Dadashi, GP Millet, K Aminian
Journal of the Swiss Society of Sports Medicine 61 (3), 21-26, 2013
Estimation of front-crawl energy expenditure using wearable inertial measurement units
F Dadashi, GP Millet, K Aminian
IEEE Sensors Journal 14 (4), 1020-1027, 2013
A novel macro-micro approach for swimming analysis in main swimming techniques using IMU sensors
M Hamidi Rad, V Gremeaux, F Dadashi, K Aminian
Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 8, 597738, 2021
Measuring upper limb function in children with hemiparesis with 3D inertial sensors
KA Christopher J. Newman, Roselyn Bruchez, Sylvie Roches, Marine Jequier ...
Child's Nervous System, 2017
Gait analysis using shoe-worn inertial sensors: How is foot clearance related to walking speed?
K Aminian, F Dadashi, B Mariani, C Lenoble-Hoskovec, ...
Proceedings of the 2014 ACM international joint conference on Pervasive and …, 2014
Swimming phase-based performance evaluation using a single IMU in main swimming techniques
M Hamidi Rad, K Aminian, V Gremeaux, F Massé, F Dadashi
Frontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology 9, 793302, 2021
Toward a remote assessment of walking bout and speed: application in patients with multiple sclerosis
A Atrsaei, F Dadashi, B Mariani, R Gonzenbach, K Aminian
IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics 25 (11), 4217-4228, 2021
In-field validation of an inertial sensor-based system for movement analysis and classification in ski mountaineering
J Gellaerts, E Bogdanov, F Dadashi, B Mariani
Sensors 18 (3), 885, 2018
Gaussian process framework for pervasive estimation of swimming velocity with a body-worn IMU
F Dadashi, G Millet, K Aminian
Electronics Letters- IEE 49 (1), 44-46, 2013
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