Gabriel Bekö
Gabriel Bekö
Associate Professor, Technical University of Denmark
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Seasonal variations of indoor microbial exposures and their relation to temperature, relative humidity, and air exchange rate
M Frankel, G Bekö, M Timm, S Gustavsen, EW Hansen, AM Madsen
Applied and environmental microbiology 78 (23), 8289-8297, 2012
Children’s phthalate intakes and resultant cumulative exposures estimated from urine compared with estimates from dust ingestion, inhalation and dermal absorption in their …
G Bekö, CJ Weschler, S Langer, M Callesen, J Toftum, G Clausen
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Transdermal Uptake of Diethyl Phthalate and Di(n-butyl) Phthalate Directly from Air: Experimental Verification
CJ Weschler, G Bekö, HM Koch, T Salthammer, T Schripp, J Toftum, ...
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Building and Environment 69, 44-54, 2013
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Role of clothing in both accelerating and impeding dermal absorption of airborne SVOCs
GC Morrison, CJ Weschler, G Bekö, HM Koch, T Salthammer, T Schripp, ...
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G Bekö, CJ Weschler, A Wierzbicka, DG Karottki, J Toftum, S Loft, ...
Environmental science & technology 47 (18), 10240-10248, 2013
Effect of energy renovation on indoor air quality in multifamily residential buildings in Slovakia
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DG Karottki, G Bekö, G Clausen, AM Madsen, ZJ Andersen, A Massling, ...
Environment international 73, 372-381, 2014
Phthalate exposure through different pathways and allergic sensitization in preschool children with asthma, allergic rhinoconjunctivitis and atopic dermatitis
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Is the use of particle air filtration justified? Costs and benefits of filtration with regard to health effects, building cleaning and occupant productivity
G Bekö, G Clausen, CJ Weschler
Building and Environment 43 (10), 1647-1657, 2008
Modeling ventilation rates in bedrooms based on building characteristics and occupant behavior
G Bekö, J Toftum, G Clausen
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Initial studies of oxidation processes on filter surfaces and their impact on perceived air quality
G Bekö, O Halás, G Clausen, CJ Weschler
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Clothing-mediated exposures to chemicals and particles
D Licina, GC Morrison, G Bekö, CJ Weschler, WW Nazaroff
Environmental science & technology 53 (10), 5559-5575, 2019
Contribution of various microenvironments to the daily personal exposure to ultrafine particles: Personal monitoring coupled with GPS tracking
G Bekö, BU Kjeldsen, Y Olsen, J Schipperijn, A Wierzbicka, DG Karottki, ...
Atmospheric Environment 110, 122-129, 2015
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S Langer, M Fredricsson, CJ Weschler, G Bekö, B Strandberg, ...
Chemosphere 154, 559-566, 2016
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M Li, CJ Weschler, G Beko, P Wargocki, G Lucic, J Williams
Environmental Science & Technology 54 (9), 5419-5428, 2020
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