Jaana Peippo
Jaana Peippo
Principal scientist
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Cytowane przez
PCR-sexing of bovine embryos: a simplified protocol
P Bredbacka, A Kankaanpää, J Peippo
Theriogenology 44 (2), 167-176, 1995
Bovine pretransfer endometrium and embryo transcriptome fingerprints as predictors of pregnancy success after embryo transfer
D Salilew-Wondim, M Hölker, F Rings, N Ghanem, M Ulas-Cinar, ...
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AS Lopes, LH Larsen, N Ramsing, P Løvendahl, M Raty, J Peippo, ...
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Maturation medium supplements affect transcript level of apoptosis and cell survival related genes in bovine blastocysts produced in vitro
E Warzych, C Wrenzycki, J Peippo, D Lechniak
Molecular Reproduction and Development: Incorporating Gamete Research 74 (3 …, 2007
Embryo production from superovulated Holstein-Friesian dairy heifers and cows after insemination with frozen-thawed sex-sorted X spermatozoa or unsorted semen
J Peippo, K Vartia, K Kananen-Anttila, M Räty, K Korhonen, T Hurme, ...
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J Peippo, M Kurkilahti, P Bredbacka
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J Peippo, A Farazmand, M Kurkilahti, M Markkula, PK Basrur, WA King
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Sex diagnosis of equine preimplantation embryos using the polymerase chain reaction
J Peippo, M Huhtinen, T Kotilainen
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Sex‐related growth rate differences in mouse preimplantation embryos in vivo and in vitro
J Peippo, P Bredbacka
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Sex related embryo development
HPS Kochhar, J Peippo, WA King
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Supplements to in vitro maturation media affect the production of bovine blastocysts and their apoptotic index but not the proportions of matured and apoptotic oocytes
E Warzych, J Peippo, M Szydlowski, D Lechniak
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Copy number variation of testis-specific protein, Y-encoded (TSPY) in 14 different breeds of cattle (Bos taurus)
CK Hamilton, LA Favetta, GP Di Meo, S Floriot, A Perucatti, J Peippo, ...
Sexual Development 3 (4), 205-213, 2009
Integrated ovarian mRNA and miRNA transcriptome profiling characterizes the genetic basis of prolificacy traits in sheep (Ovis aries)
K Pokharel, J Peippo, M Honkatukia, A Seppälä, J Rautiainen, N Ghanem, ...
BMC genomics 19, 1-17, 2018
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Survival of biopsied and sexed bovine demi-embryos
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Production and manipulation of bovine embryos: techniques and terminology
Z Machaty, J Peippo, A Peter
Theriogenology 78 (5), 937-950, 2012
Sex diagnosis of ovine and bovine embryos by enzymatic amplification and digestion of DNA from the ZFY/ZFX locus
P Bredbacka, J Peippo
Agricultural and Food Science 1 (2), 233-238, 1992
Genome sequence and comparative analysis of reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) in northern Eurasia
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Scientific reports 10 (1), 8980, 2020
Effect of dietary protein on embryo recovery rate and quality in superovulated heifers
M Mikkola, P Mäntysaari, N Tammiranta, J Peippo, J Taponen
Animal reproduction science 87 (3-4), 193-202, 2005
Successful transfer of biopsied equine embryos
M Huhtinen, J Peippo, P Bredbacka
Theriogenology 48 (3), 361-367, 1997
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