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Tove M. Gabrielsen
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Arctic spring awakening–Steering principles behind the phenology of vernal ice algal blooms
E Leu, CJ Mundy, P Assmy, K Campbell, TM Gabrielsen, M Gosselin, ...
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Glacial survival or tabula rasa? The history of North Atlantic biota revisited
C Brochmann, TM Gabrielsen, I Nordal, JY Landvik, R Elven
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Natural Variation in the Microcystin Synthetase Operon mcyABC and Impact on Microcystin Production in Microcystis Strains
B Mikalsen, G Boison, OM Skulberg, J Fastner, W Davies, TM Gabrielsen, ...
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In the dark: a review of ecosystem processes during the Arctic polar night
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Glacial survival does not matter: RAPD phylogeography of Nordic Saxifraga oppositifolia
TM Gabrielsen, K Bachmann, KS Jakobsen, C Brochmann
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Unexpected levels of biological activity during the polar night offer new perspectives on a warming Arctic
J Berge, M Daase, PE Renaud, WG Ambrose, G Darnis, KS Last, E Leu, ...
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Sex after all: high levels of diversity detected in the arctic clonal plant Saxifraga cernua using RAPD markers
TM Gabrielsen, C Brochmann
Molecular ecology 7 (12), 1701-1708, 1998
Strong seasonality of marine microbial eukaryotes in a high-Arctic fjord (Isfjorden, in West Spitsbergen, Norway)
M Marquardt, A Vader, EI Stübner, M Reigstad, TM Gabrielsen
Applied and environmental microbiology 82 (6), 1868-1880, 2016
Potential misidentifications of two climate indicator species of the marine arctic ecosystem: Calanus glacialis and C. finmarchicus
TM Gabrielsen, B Merkel, JE Søreide, E Johansson-Karlsson, A Bailey, ...
Polar biology 35, 1621-1628, 2012
A classic example of postglacial allopolyploid speciation re-examined using RAPD markers and nucleotide sequences: Saxifraga osloensis (Saxifragaceae)
C Brochmann, T Nilsson, TM Gabrielsen
Symb. Bot. Ups 31 (3), 75-89, 1996
Pelagic food-webs in a changing Arctic: a trait-based perspective suggests a mode of resilience
PE Renaud, M Daase, NS Banas, TM Gabrielsen, JE Søreide, Ø Varpe, ...
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Genome evolution of a tertiary dinoflagellate plastid
TM Gabrielsen, MA Minge, M Espelund, A Tooming-Klunderud, V Patil, ...
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The Baltic Sea as a model system for studying postglacial colonization and ecological differentiation, exemplified by the red alga Ceramium tenuicorne
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Phytoplankton seasonal dynamics in Kongsfjorden, Svalbard and the adjacent shelf
EN Hegseth, P Assmy, JM Wiktor, J Wiktor, S Kristiansen, E Leu, ...
The Ecosystem of Kongsfjorden, Svalbard, 173-227, 2019
Key Arctic phototrophs are widespread in the polar night
A Vader, M Marquardt, AR Meshram, TM Gabrielsen
Polar Biology 38, 13-21, 2015
The extreme Beringian/Atlantic disjunction in Saxifraga rivularis (Saxifragaceae) has formed at least twice
KB Westergaard, MH Jørgensen, TM Gabrielsen, IG Alsos, C Brochmann
Journal of Biogeography 37 (7), 1262-1276, 2010
Short-term CO2 exposure and temperature rise effects on metazoan meiofauna and free-living nematodes in sandy and muddy sediments: Results from a flume experiment
J Ingels, G dos Santos, N Hicks, YV Vazquez, PF Neres, LP Pontes, ...
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 502, 211-226, 2018
Feeding by Calanus glacialis in a high arctic fjord: potential seasonal importance of alternative prey
AC Cleary, JE Søreide, D Freese, B Niehoff, TM Gabrielsen
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The annual planktonic protist community structure in an ice-free high Arctic fjord (Adventfjorden, West Spitsbergen)
AM Kubiszyn, JM Wiktor, JM Wiktor Jr, C Griffiths, S Kristiansen, ...
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From polar night to midnight sun: Diel vertical migration, metabolism and biogeochemical role of zooplankton in a high Arctic fjord (Kongsfjorden, Svalbard)
G Darnis, L Hobbs, M Geoffroy, JC Grenvald, PE Renaud, J Berge, ...
Limnology and Oceanography 62 (4), 1586-1605, 2017
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