Hongkyu Yoon
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Cytowane przez
Pore‐scale simulation of mixing‐induced calcium carbonate precipitation and dissolution in a microfluidic pore network
H Yoon, AJ Valocchi, CJ Werth, T Dewers
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Environmental risk analysis of hazardous material rail transportation
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H Yoon, JH Kim, HM Liljestrand, J Khim
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Nanopore structures, statistically representative elementary volumes, and transport properties of chalk
H Yoon, TA Dewers
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Chemical and hydrodynamic mechanisms for long-term geological carbon storage
SJ Altman, B Aminzadeh, MT Balhoff, PC Bennett, SL Bryant, ...
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Non-intrusive reduced order modeling of natural convection in porous media using convolutional autoencoders: comparison with linear subspace techniques
T Kadeethum, F Ballarin, Y Choi, D O’Malley, H Yoon, N Bouklas
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Metabolism-Induced CaCO3 Biomineralization During Reactive Transport in a Micromodel: Implications for Porosity Alteration
R Singh, H Yoon, RA Sanford, L Katz, BW Fouke, CJ Werth
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Parameter estimation and predictive uncertainty in stochastic inverse modeling of groundwater flow: Comparing null‐space Monte Carlo and multiple starting point methods
H Yoon, DB Hart, SA McKenna
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Operational and geological controls of coupled poroelastic stressing and pore-pressure accumulation along faults: Induced earthquakes in Pohang, South Korea
KW Chang, H Yoon, YH Kim, MY Lee
Scientific reports 10 (1), 2073, 2020
Comparison of ensemble filtering algorithms and null‐space Monte Carlo for parameter estimation and uncertainty quantification using CO2 sequestration data
R Tavakoli, H Yoon, M Delshad, AH ElSheikh, MF Wheeler, BW Arnold
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MF Fanizza, H Yoon, C Zhang, M Oostrom, TW Wietsma, NJ Hess, ...
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V Boyd, H Yoon, C Zhang, M Oostrom, N Hess, B Fouke, AJ Valocchi, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 135, 321-335, 2014
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