Adriana Mica
Adriana Mica
Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Warsaw
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Sociology and the unintended: Robert Merton revisited
A Mica, A Peisert
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Sociology as Analysis of the Unintended: From the Problem of Ignorance to the Discovery of the Possible
A Mica
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A Mica
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A Mica
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The unintended consequences in new economic sociology: Why still not taken seriously?
A Mica
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A Mica
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Permanent failure, successful failure and fracasomania: Solving the problem of ownerless dogs problem in Romania
A Mica, S Nys
Oñati Institute Seminar Series, Oñati International Institute for the …, 2014
Moral Panic, Risk or Hazard Society-the Relevance of a Theoretical Model and Framings of Maidan Dogs in Chisinau and Bucharest
A Mica
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Coping with the unintended consequences of institutional work
M Pawlak, A Mica
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BOOK REVIEW: A Sociological Contribution to HAHR’s Open Forum on Jeremy Adelman's (2013) Biography of Albert O. Hirschman
A Mica
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Workshop on Embeddedness and Embedding: Conference of the Polish Sociological Association, the University of Gdańsk and the Kashubian Institute. Gdańsk, 14-15 May 2012
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Scandals and party moots: mass protests during the Ceauşescu regime in Romania
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(No Title), 2012
How non-linear is the linear model of innovation? Treatment of consequences in diffusion and translation models
A Mica
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Coal Miners from Jiu Valley-from Moral Panic to Moral Anxiety Discussion of Jack R. Friedman and David A. Kideckel/Book Review
A Mica
Societas/Communitas, 281-285, 2009
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