Manish Karir
Manish Karir
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Cytowane przez
A survey of botnet technology and defenses
M Bailey, E Cooke, F Jahanian, Y Xu, M Karir
2009 Cybersecurity Applications & Technology Conference for Homeland …, 2009
Cloudy with a chance of breach: Forecasting cyber security incidents
Y Liu, A Sarabi, J Zhang, P Naghizadeh, M Karir, M Bailey, M Liu
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Taming the 800 pound gorilla: The rise and decline of NTP DDoS attacks
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Internet background radiation revisited
E Wustrow, M Karir, M Bailey, F Jahanian, G Huston
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Rating network security posture and comparing network maliciousness
M Liu, M Bailey, M Karir, Y Liu, J Zhang
US Patent 10,038,703, 2018
On the Mismanagement and Maliciousness of Networks.
J Zhang, Z Durumeric, M Bailey, M Liu, M Karir
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Characterizing dark dns behavior
J Oberheide, M Karir, ZM Mao
Detection of Intrusions and Malware, and Vulnerability Assessment: 4th …, 2007
Multi-threaded routing toolkit (MRT) routing information export format
L Blunk, M Karir, C Labovitz
Predicting cyber security incidents using feature-based characterization of network-level malicious activities
Y Liu, J Zhang, A Sarabi, M Liu, M Karir, M Bailey
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Understanding IPv6 internet background radiation
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Flamingo: Visualizing internet traffic
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T Narten, M Karir, I Foo
MRT routing information export format
L Blunk
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VAST: visualizing autonomous system topology
J Oberheide, M Karir, D Blazakis
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Network maliciousness susceptibility analysis and rating
M Liu, M Bailey, M Karir, J Zhang, Z Durumeric
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Characterization of blacklists and tainted network traffic
J Zhang, A Chivukula, M Bailey, M Karir, M Liu
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LES: Layered encryption security
M Karir, J Baras
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Understanding IPv6 populations in the wild
M Karir, G Huston, G Michaelson, M Bailey
Passive and Active Measurement: 14th International Conference, PAM 2013 …, 2013
BGP-Inspect-extracting information from raw BGP data
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Analyzing BGP ASPATH behavior in the Internet
D Blazakis, M Karir, JS Baras
Proc. 9th IEEE Global Internet Symposium, 2006
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