Changhyoup Lee
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Cytowane przez
Single-photon excitation of surface plasmon polaritons
MS Tame, C Lee, J Lee, D Ballester, M Paternostro, AV Zayats, MS Kim
Physical review letters 101 (19), 190504, 2008
Robust-to-loss entanglement generation using a quantum plasmonic nanoparticle array
C Lee, M Tame, C Noh, J Lim, SA Maier, J Lee, DG Angelakis
New Journal of Physics 15 (8), 083017, 2013
Quantum plasmonic sensing: beyond the shot-noise and diffraction limit
C Lee, F Dieleman, J Lee, C Rockstuhl, SA Maier, M Tame
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Long-range surface-plasmon-polariton excitation at the quantum level
D Ballester, MS Tame, C Lee, J Lee, MS Kim
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A quantum speedup in machine learning: finding an N-bit Boolean function for a classification
S Yoo, J Bang, C Lee, J Lee
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Quantum plasmonics with a metal nanoparticle array
C Lee, M Tame, J Lim, J Lee
Physical Review A 85 (6), 063823, 2012
Optimal Gaussian measurements for phase estimation in single-mode Gaussian metrology
C Oh, C Lee, C Rockstuhl, H Jeong, J Kim, H Nha, SY Lee
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Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger theorem for N qudits
J Ryu, C Lee, M Żukowski, J Lee
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GW Hanson, SAH Gangaraj, C Lee, DG Angelakis, M Tame
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Optimal distributed quantum sensing using Gaussian states
C Oh, C Lee, SH Lie, H Jeong
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Optimal measurements for quantum fidelity between Gaussian states and its relevance to quantum metrology
C Oh, C Lee, L Banchi, SY Lee, C Rockstuhl, H Jeong
Physical Review A 100 (1), 012323, 2019
Quantum plasmonic N00N state in a silver nanowire and its use for quantum sensing
Y Chen, C Lee, L Lu, D Liu, Y Wu, L Feng, M Li, C Rockstuhl, G Guo, ...
Optica 5 (10), 1229-1235, 2018
Few-photon transport in many-body photonic systems: A scattering approach
C Lee, C Noh, N Schetakis, DG Angelakis
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Quantum noise reduction in intensity-sensitive surface plasmon resonance sensors
JS Lee, T Huynh, SY Lee, KG Lee, J Lee, M Tame, C Rockstuhl, C Lee
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Multisetting Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger theorem
J Ryu, C Lee, Z Yin, R Rahaman, DG Angelakis, J Lee, M Żukowski
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Hot-spot relaxation time current dependence in niobium nitride waveguide-integrated superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors
S Ferrari, V Kovalyuk, W Hartmann, A Vetter, O Kahl, C Lee, A Korneev, ...
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Probing the effect of interaction in Anderson localization using linear photonic lattices
C Lee, A Rai, C Noh, DG Angelakis
Physical Review A 89 (2), 023823, 2014
Genuinely high-dimensional nonlocality optimized by complementary measurements
J Lim, J Ryu, S Yoo, C Lee, J Bang, J Lee
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Quantum plasmonic sensing using single photons
JS Lee, SJ Yoon, H Rah, M Tame, C Rockstuhl, SH Song, C Lee, KG Lee
Optics Express 26 (22), 29272-29282, 2018
Sub-Poisson-binomial light
C Lee, S Ferrari, WHP Pernice, C Rockstuhl
Physical Review A 94 (5), 053844, 2016
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