Antonius B. (Ton) Dieker
Antonius B. (Ton) Dieker
Associate Professor of Operations Research
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Cytowane przez
Simulation of fractional Brownian motion
T Dieker
MSc thesis, 2004
Large deviations for random walks under subexponentiality: the big-jump domain
D Denisov, AB Dieker, V Shneer
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AB Dieker
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Cloud Computing Operations Research
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Reflected Brownian motion in a wedge: sum-of-exponential stationary densities
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AB Dieker, M Mandjes
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Conditional limit theorems for queues with Gaussian input, a weak convergence approach
AB Dieker
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Determinantal transition kernels for some interacting particles on the line
AB Dieker, J Warren
Annales de l’Institut Henri Poincaré - Probabilités et Statistiques 44 (6 …, 2008
Fast simulation of overflow probabilities in a queue with Gaussian input
AB Dieker, M Mandjes
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AB Dieker, J Warren
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Applications of factorization embeddings for Lévy processes
AB Dieker
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Selecting the best by comparing simulated systems in a group of three
SH Kim, AB Dieker
2011 Winter Simulation Conference, 2011
Optimal resource capacity management for stochastic networks
AB Dieker, S Ghosh, MS Squillante
Operations Research 65 (1), 221-241, 2017
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