Martijn Cloos
Martijn Cloos
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kT‐points: Short three‐dimensional tailored RF pulses for flip‐angle homogenization over an extended volume
MA Cloos, N Boulant, M Luong, G Ferrand, E Giacomini, D Le Bihan, ...
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 67 (1), 72-80, 2012
Multiparametric imaging with heterogeneous radiofrequency fields
MA Cloos, F Knoll, T Zhao, KT Block, M Bruno, GC Wiggins, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-10, 2016
Low rank alternating direction method of multipliers reconstruction for MR fingerprinting
J Assländer, MA Cloos, F Knoll, DK Sodickson, J Hennig, R Lattanzi
Magnetic resonance in medicine 79 (1), 83-96, 2018
Generalized local Maxwell tomography for mapping of electrical property gradients and tensors
DK Sodickson, L Alon, CM Deniz, N Ben-Eliezer, M Cloos, LA Sodickson, ...
Proceedings of 21th Annual Meeting ISMRM, Salt Lake City, USA 4175, 2013
Local SAR reduction in parallel excitation based on channel‐dependent Tikhonov parameters
MA Cloos, M Luong, G Ferrand, A Amadon, D Le Bihan, N Boulant
Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 32 (5), 1209-1216, 2010
A high-impedance detector-array glove for magnetic resonance imaging of the hand
B Zhang, DK Sodickson, MA Cloos
Nature biomedical engineering 2 (8), 570-577, 2018
Parallel-transmission-enabled magnetization-prepared rapid gradient-echo T1-weighted imaging of the human brain at 7 T
MA Cloos, N Boulant, M Luong, G Ferrand, E Giacomini, MF Hang, ...
Neuroimage 62 (3), 2140-2150, 2012
Thermal simulations in the human head for high field MRI using parallel transmission
A Massire, MA Cloos, M Luong, A Amadon, A Vignaud, CJ Wiggins, ...
Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 35 (6), 1312-1321, 2012
Mixing loops and electric dipole antennas for increased sensitivity at 7 Tesla
GC Wiggins, B Zhang, M Cloos, R Lattanzi, G Chen, K Lakshmanan, ...
International Society Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, Salt Lake City 2737, 2013
Laser-induced primary and secondary hemostasis dynamics and mechanisms in relation to selective photothermolysis of port wine stains
M Heger, II Salles, R Bezemer, MA Cloos, SR Mordon, S Bégu, ...
Journal of dermatological science 63 (3), 139-147, 2011
Design of non-selective refocusing pulses with phase-free rotation axis by gradient ascent pulse engineering algorithm in parallel transmission at 7 T
A Massire, MA Cloos, A Vignaud, D Le Bihan, A Amadon, N Boulant
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 230, 76-83, 2013
Plug and play parallel transmission at 7 and 9.4 Tesla based on principles from MR fingerprinting
MA Cloos, C Wiggins, G Wiggins, D Sodickson
Proc Intl Soc Mag Reson Med 542, 2014
A 7T 8 channel transmit-receive dipole array for head imaging: dipole element and coil evaluation
G Chen, M Cloos, D Sodickson, G Wiggins
Proceedings of the 22nd Annual Meeting of ISMRM, 621, 2014
Towards direct B1 based local SAR estimation
MA Cloos, G Bonmassar
Proc Intl Soc Mag Reson Med 17, 3037, 2009
Multicompartment magnetic resonance fingerprinting
S Tang, C Fernandez-Granda, S Lannuzel, B Bernstein, R Lattanzi, ...
Inverse problems 34 (9), 094005, 2018
Validation of a very fast B1-mapping sequence for parallel transmission on a human brain at 7T
A Amadon, MA Cloos, N Boulant, MF Hang, CJ Wiggins, HP Fautz
Proceedings of the 20th Annual Meeting of ISMRM 3358, 2012
Fast quantitative MRI as a nonlinear tomography problem
A Sbrizzi, O van der Heide, M Cloos, A van der Toorn, H Hoogduin, ...
Magnetic resonance imaging 46, 56-63, 2018
Mitigating the effect of magnetization transfer in magnetic resonance fingerprinting
T Hilbert, T Kober, T Zhao, TK Block, Z Yu, JP Thiran, G Krueger, ...
Proc Int Soc Magn Reson Med 25, 74, 2017
The loopole antenna: capturing magnetic and electric dipole fields with a single structure to improve transmit and receive performance
K Lakshmanan, M Cloos, R Lattanzi, D Sodickson, G Wiggins
Proceedings of the 22nd Annual Meeting of ISMRM, 397, 2014
Magnetization transfer in magnetic resonance fingerprinting
T Hilbert, D Xia, KT Block, Z Yu, R Lattanzi, DK Sodickson, T Kober, ...
Magnetic resonance in medicine 84 (1), 128-141, 2020
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