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Janusz Kocik
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Characterization of a bacteriophage, isolated from a cow with mastitis, that is lytic against Staphylococcus aureus strains
M Kwiatek, S Parasion, L Mizak, R Gryko, M Bartoszcze, J Kocik
Archives of virology 157 (2), 225-234, 2012
Bioterroryzm: zasady postępowania lekarskiego
K Chomiczewski, J Kocik, MT Szkoda
Wydaw. Lekarskie PZWL, 2002
Isolation and characterization of a novel bacteriophage φ4D lytic against Enterococcus faecalis strains
S Parasion, M Kwiatek, L Mizak, R Gryko, M Bartoszcze, J Kocik
Current microbiology 65 (3), 284-289, 2012
The effect of Rhodiola kirilowii extracts on tumor-induced angiogenesis in mice
R Zdanowski, E Skopińska-Różewska, A Wasiutyński, P Skopiński, ...
Centr Eur J Immunol 37 (2), 131-139, 2012
Synthetic immunostimulatory oligonucleotides in experimental and clinical practice
P Bodera, W Stankiewicz, J Kocik
Pharmacological Reports 64 (5), 1003-1010, 2012
Review of methods used for identification of biothreat agents in environmental protection and human health aspects
T Mirski, M Bartoszcze, A Bielawska-Drózd, P Cieslik, AJ Michalski, ...
Annals of agricultural and environmental medicine 21 (2), 2014
New aspects of the infection mechanisms of B. anthracis
D Zakowska, M Bartoszcze, M Niemcewicz, A Bielawska-Drózd, J Kocik
Annals of Agricultural and Environmental Medicine 19 (4), 2012
Surveillance of hantaviruses in Poland: a study of animal reservoirs and human hantavirus disease in Subcarpathia
A Michalski, M Niemcewicz, A Bielawska-Drózd, A Nowakowska, J Gaweł, ...
Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases 14 (7), 514-522, 2014
Oral administration of Aloe vera gel, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory herbal remedy, stimulates cell-mediated immunity and antibody production in a mouse model
BJ Bałan, M Niemcewicz, J Kocik, L Jung, E Skopińska-Różewska, ...
Central-European journal of immunology 39 (2), 125, 2014
Strain of experimental animals and modulation of nitric oxide pathway: their influence on development of renal failure in an experimental model of hepatorenal syndrome
M Saracyn, J Patera, J Kocik, M Brytan, R Zdanowski, A Lubas, ...
Archives of medical science: AMS 8 (3), 555, 2012
Bacillus anthracis infections–new possibilities of treatment
D Zakowska, M Bartoszcze, M Niemcewicz, A Bielawska-Drózd, J Knap, ...
Annals of Agricultural and Environmental Medicine 22 (2), 2015
A microfluidic device for real-time monitoring of Bacillus subtilis bacterial spores during germination based on non-specific physicochemical interactions on the nanoscale level
L Zabrocka, K Langer, A Michalski, J Kocik, JJ Langer
Lab on a Chip 15 (1), 274-282, 2015
Interactions of orphanin FQ/nociceptin (OFQ/N) system with immune system factors and hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal (HPA) axis
P Bodera, W Stankiewicz, J Kocik
Pharmacological Reports 66 (2), 288-291, 2014
Aloe arborescens and American cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) extracts inhibit tumor-induced cutaneous angiogenesis in mice
P SkoPińSki, R Zdanowski, BBJ Bałan, AK Siwicki, J Kocik, S Lewicki, ...
Cent Eur J Immunol 38, 480-485, 2013
Prevalence of Coxiella burnetii in environmental samples collected from cattle farms in Eastern and Central Poland (2011–2012)
A Bielawska-Drózd, P Cieślik, T Mirski, J Gaweł, A Michalski, ...
Veterinary microbiology 174 (3-4), 600-606, 2014
Research on prevention and treatment of hemorrhagic fevers
J Joniec, M Kolodziej, M Bartoszcze, J Kocik, J Knap
Annals of Agricultural and Environmental Medicine 19 (2), 2012
The effect of anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial herbal remedy PADMA 28 on immunological angiogenesis and granulocytes activity in mice
DM Radomska-Leśniewska, P Skopiński, M Niemcewicz, R Zdanowski, ...
Mediators of inflammation 2013, 2013
Inhibitory effect of herbal remedy PERVIVO and anti-inflammatory drug sulindac on L-1 sarcoma tumor growth and tumor angiogenesis in Balb/c mice
P Skopiński, BJ Bałan, J Kocik, R Zdanowski, S Lewicki, M Niemcewicz, ...
Mediators of inflammation 2013, 2013
Antiviral activity of novel oseltamivir derivatives against some influenza virus strains.
J Kocik, M Kołodziej, J Joniec, M Kwiatek, M Bartoszcze
Acta Biochimica Polonica 61 (3), 2014
Phenotypic and genetic analyses of 111 clinical and environmental O1, O139, and non-O1/O139 Vibrio cholerae strains from different geographical areas
RE Sellek, M Niemcewicz, JS Olsen, O Bassy, P Lorenzo, L Marti, ...
Epidemiology & Infection 140 (8), 1389-1399, 2012
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