Paul Shipley
Paul Shipley
Chemistry, University of British Columbia Okanagan
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
A review of the chemistry of the genus Crataegus
JE Edwards, PN Brown, N Talent, TA Dickinson, PR Shipley
Phytochemistry 79, 5-26, 2012
Cloning, sequencing and analysis of the enterocin biosynthesis gene cluster from the marine isolate ‘Streptomyces maritimus’: evidence for the derailment of an aromatic …
J Piel, C Hertweck, PR Shipley, DM Hunt, MS Newman, BS Moore
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Expression and characterization of the type III polyketide synthase 1,3,6,8-tetrahydroxynaphthalene synthase from Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2)
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Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology 30 (8), 510-515, 2003
Comparisons of large (Vaccinium macrocarpon Ait.) and small (Vaccinium oxycoccos L., Vaccinium vitis-idaea L.) cranberry in British Columbia by phytochemical determination …
PN Brown, CE Turi, PR Shipley, SJ Murch
Planta medica 78 (06), 630-640, 2012
Determination of anthocyanins in cranberry fruit and cranberry fruit products by high-performance liquid chromatography with ultraviolet detection: Single-laboratory validation
PN Brown, PR Shipley
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Studies on the biosynthesis of thiostrepton: 4-(1-hydroxyethyl) quinoline-2-carboxylate as a free intermediate on the pathway to the quinaldic acid moiety
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DNA barcodes from four loci provide poor resolution of taxonomic groups in the genus Crataegus
M Zarrei, N Talent, M Kuzmina, J Lee, J Lund, PR Shipley, S Stefanović, ...
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Quantification of North American and European Crataegus flavonoids by nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry
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Design of organoiron macromolecules based on upper rim functionalized calix [4] arenes
AS Abd‐El‐Aziz, PO Shipman, PR Shipley
Macromolecular rapid communications 31 (5), 459-466, 2010
Antitumor activity of asukamycin, a secondary metabolite from the actinomycete bacterium Streptomyces nodosus subspecies asukaensis
PR Shipley, CCA Donnelly, CH Le, AD Bernauer, A Klegeris
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Homo‐and Co‐Polymers of Norbornene Containing Aryl‐and Hetaryl‐Azo Dyes; Synthesis and Sensing Properties
AS Abd‐El‐Aziz, PO Shipman, PR Shipley, BN Boden, S Aly, PD Harvey
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 210 (24), 2099-2106, 2009
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