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VDJdb: a curated database of T-cell receptor sequences with known antigen specificity
M Shugay, DV Bagaev, IV Zvyagin, RM Vroomans, JC Crawford, G Dolton, ...
Nucleic acids research 46 (D1), D419-D427, 2018
VDJdb in 2019: database extension, new analysis infrastructure and a T-cell receptor motif compendium
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Nucleic acids research 48 (D1), D1057-D1062, 2020
Sequential bottlenecks drive viral evolution in early acute hepatitis C virus infection
RA Bull, F Luciani, K McElroy, S Gaudieri, ST Pham, A Chopra, ...
PLoS pathogens 7 (9), e1002243, 2011
High-throughput targeted long-read single cell sequencing reveals the clonal and transcriptional landscape of lymphocytes
M Singh, G Al-Eryani, S Carswell, JM Ferguson, J Blackburn, K Barton, ...
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Effects and interactions in an environmentally relevant mixture of pharmaceuticals
F Pomati, C Orlandi, M Clerici, F Luciani, E Zuccato
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Analytical validity of nanopore sequencing for rapid SARS-CoV-2 genome analysis
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Human CD8+ T cell cross-reactivity across influenza A, B and C viruses
M Koutsakos, PT Illing, THO Nguyen, NA Mifsud, JC Crawford, S Rizzetto, ...
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A liver capsular network of monocyte-derived macrophages restricts hepatic dissemination of intraperitoneal bacteria by neutrophil recruitment
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The epidemiological fitness cost of drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
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GemSIM: general, error-model based simulator of next-generation sequencing data
KE McElroy, F Luciani, T Thomas
BMC genomics 13, 1-9, 2012
Using approximate Bayesian computation to estimate tuberculosis transmission parameters from genotype data
MM Tanaka, AR Francis, F Luciani, SA Sisson
Genetics 173 (3), 1511-1520, 2006
SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19: A genetic, epidemiological, and evolutionary perspective
M Sironi, SE Hasnain, B Rosenthal, T Phan, F Luciani, MA Shaw, ...
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Atypical B cells are part of an alternative lineage of B cells that participates in responses to vaccination and infection in humans
HJ Sutton, R Aye, AH Idris, R Vistein, E Nduati, O Kai, J Mwacharo, X Li, ...
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Inhibitors of the hepatitis C virus polymerase; mode of action and resistance
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Contribution of intra-and interhost dynamics to norovirus evolution
RA Bull, JS Eden, F Luciani, K McElroy, WD Rawlinson, PA White
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Investigation of product-derived lymphoma following infusion of piggyBac-modified CD19 chimeric antigen receptor T cells
KP Micklethwaite, K Gowrishankar, BS Gloss, Z Li, JA Street, L Moezzi, ...
Blood, The Journal of the American Society of Hematology 138 (16), 1391-1405, 2021
Linking the T cell receptor to the single cell transcriptome in antigen‐specific human T cells
AA Eltahla, S Rizzetto, MR Pirozyan, BD Betz‐Stablein, V Venturi, ...
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Viral quasispecies assembly via maximal clique enumeration
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Clonally diverse CD38+ HLA-DR+ CD8+ T cells persist during fatal H7N9 disease
Z Wang, L Zhu, THO Nguyen, Y Wan, S Sant, SM Quiñones-Parra, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-12, 2018
Epidemiological and clinical consequences of within-host evolution
S Alizon, F Luciani, RR Regoes
Trends in microbiology 19 (1), 24-32, 2011
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