Ioannis Nikolos
Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Evolutionary algorithm based offline/online path planner for UAV navigation
IK Nikolos, KP Valavanis, NC Tsourveloudis, AN Kostaras
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Overview and analysis of vehicle automation and communication systems from a motorway traffic management perspective
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On microscopic modelling of adaptive cruise control systems
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An unstructured node-centered finite volume scheme for shallow water flows with wet/dry fronts over complex topography
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Application of linear programming and differential evolutionary optimization methodologies for the solution of coastal subsurface water management problems subject to …
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Artificial neural network (ANN) based modeling for karstic groundwater level simulation
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A software tool for parametric design of turbomachinery blades
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UAV path planning using evolutionary algorithms
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Artificial neural networks as an alternative approach to groundwater numerical modelling and environmental design
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Performance and comparison of cell-centered and node-centered unstructured finite volume discretizations for shallow water free surface flows
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Coordinated UAV path planning using differential evolution
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Freeform deformation versus B-spline representation in inverse airfoil design
EI Amoiralis, IK Nikolos
Simulation of the penetration rate effects of ACC and CACC on macroscopic traffic dynamics
AI Delis, IK Nikolos, M Papageorgiou
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High-resolution numerical relaxation approximations to second-order macroscopic traffic flow models
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