Dawid Gallas
Dawid Gallas
Sieć Badawcza Łukasiewicz - Poznański Instytut Technologiczny
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Particle number and particulate mass emissions of heavy duty vehicles in real operating conditions
L Rymaniak, A Ziolkowski, D Gallas
MATEC Web of Conferences 118, 00025, 2017
The latest technical solutions in rail vehicles drives
M Andrzejewski, D Gallas, P Daszkiewicz, A Merkisz-Guranowska, ...
MATEC Web of Conferences 118, 00015, 2017
Exhaust emissions of an LPG powered vehicle in real operating conditions
J Merkisz, D Gallas, M Siedlecki, N Szymlet, B Sokolnicka
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Fuel consumption and pollutants emission study of locomotives performed using a water rheostat
M Andrzejewski, P Daszkiewicz, J Merkisz, W Stawecki, D Gallas
Pojazdy Szynowe, 2018
Comparative test of an internal combustion engine ecological indicators in real operating conditions and on a dynamic engine dynamometer
L Rymaniak, M Siedlecki, B Sokolnicka, N Szymlet, D Gallas
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 421 (4), 042069, 2018
Analiza wybranych napędów alternatywnych stosowanych w autobusach szynowych
P Daszkiewicz, M Andrzejewski, A Merkisz-Guranowska, D Gallas, ...
Autobusy: technika, eksploatacja, systemy transportowe 18, 2017
The impact of the modernization of imported diesel locomotives on pollutant emissions
A Merkisz-Guranowska, M Andrzejewski, P Daszkiewicz, D Gallas, ...
Pojazdy Szynowe 2, 8-12, 2016
The analysis of air transport in Poland
J Merkisz, J Pielecha, J Markowski, M Galant, R Jasiński, D Gallas
International Conference on Air Transport INAIR 2015, 12-13, 2015
Applications of the continuously rotating detonation to combustion engines at the Łukasiewicz-Institute of Aviation
M Kawalec, W Perkowski, B Łukasik, A Bilar, P Wolański
Combustion Engines 61, 2022
An innovative system for piston engine combustion with laser-induced ignition of the hydrocarbon fuel consisting carbon nanotubes
J Kałużny, J Merkisz, D Gallas, T Runka, M Kozak, I Pielecha
Combustion Engines 56, 2017
Adoption of Modern Hydrogen Technologies in Rail Transport
P Stobnicki, D Gallas
Journal of Ecological Engineering 23 (3), 2022
Impact of driving style on the exhaust emission of a diesel multiple unit
M Andrzejewski, P FUĆ, D Gallas
Computers in Railways XVII: Railway Engineering Design and Operation 199, 365, 2020
Comparison of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption of a hybrid vehicle and a vehicle with a direct gasoline injection engine
P Lijewski, A Ziolkowski, P Daszkiewicz, M Andrzejewski, D Gallas
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 421 (4), 042046, 2018
The impact of particulate filter substrate type on the gaseous exhaust components emission
B Sokolnicka-Popis, N Szymlet, M Siedlecki, D Gallas
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Analiza rynku elektrycznych pojazdów miejskich
P Fuć, P Lijewski, M Siedlecki, D Gallas, N Szymlet, B Sokolnicka
Autobusy: technika, eksploatacja, systemy transportowe 18, 2017
Modern combustion-electric PowerPack drive system design solutions for a hybrid two-unit rail vehicle
M Far, D Gallas, P Urbański, A Woch, K Mieżowiec
Combustion Engines 190 (3), 80-87, 2022
Passive safety features of a type 227M rail vehicle
P Urbański, D Gallas, D Witkowski, D Kołodziejek
Pojazdy Szynowe, 2021
Investigation of exhaust emissions from a shunting locomotive and a rail diagnostics machine
D Gallas, J Merkisz, P Daszkiewicz
SAE Technical Paper, 2020
Impact of the use of comfort devices on the exhaust emission from a hybrid vehicle
M Siedlecki, J Merkisz, K Kubiak, Ł Rymaniak, M Dobrzyński, D Gallas
Combustion Engines 58, 2019
Analysis of thermodynamic parameters in spark ignition VCR engine
P Urbański, M Bajerlein, J Merkisz, A Ziółkowski, D Gallas
MATEC Web of Conferences 294, 05001, 2019
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