Stephen Remias
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Performance measures for traffic signal systems: An outcome-oriented approach
CM Day, DM Bullock, H Li, SM Remias, AM Hainen, RS Freije, ...
Estimating route choice and travel time reliability with field observations of Bluetooth probe vehicles
AM Hainen, JS Wasson, SML Hubbard, SM Remias, GD Farnsworth, ...
Transportation research record 2256 (1), 43-50, 2011
Reliability, flexibility, and environmental impact of alternative objective functions for arterial offset optimization
CM Day, TM Brennan Jr, AM Hainen, SM Remias, H Premachandra, ...
Transportation research record 2259 (1), 8-22, 2011
Performance characterization of arterial traffic flow with probe vehicle data
SM Remias, AM Hainen, CM Day, TM Brennan Jr, H Li, ...
Transportation research record 2380 (1), 10-21, 2013
Indiana traffic signal hi resolution data logger enumerations
JR Sturdevant, T Overman, E Raamot, R Deer, D Miller, DM Bullock, ...
Performance ranking of arterial corridors using travel time and travel time reliability metrics
CM Day, SM Remias, H Li, MM Mekker, ML McNamara, ED Cox, ...
Transportation Research Record 2487 (1), 44-54, 2015
Performance measures for adaptive signal control: Case study of system-in-the-loop simulation
CM Day, JM Ernst, TM Brennan Jr, CS Chou, AM Hainen, SM Remias, ...
Transportation research record 2311 (1), 1-15, 2012
Evaluation of spatial and temporal speed limit compliance in highway work zones
JS Wasson, GW Boruff, AM Hainen, SM Remias, EA Hulme, ...
Transportation research record 2258 (1), 1-15, 2011
A hazard-based analysis of airport security transit times
AM Hainen, SM Remias, DM Bullock, FL Mannering
Journal of Air Transport Management 32, 32-38, 2013
Probe vehicle–based statewide mobility performance measures for decision makers
TM Brennan Jr, SM Remias, GM Grimmer, DK Horton, ED Cox, ...
Transportation research record 2338 (1), 78-90, 2013
Characterizing interstate crash rates based on traffic congestion using probe vehicle data
MM Mekker, SM Remias, ML McNamara, DM Bullock
Roadway system assessment using Bluetooth-based automatic vehicle identification travel time data
CM Day, TM Brennan, AM Hainen, SM Remias, DM Bullock
Performance measures to characterize corridor travel time delay based on probe vehicle data
TM Brennan Jr, SM Remias, L Manili
Transportation Research Record 2526 (1), 39-50, 2015
Evaluating the performance of coordinated signal timing: Comparison of common data types with automated vehicle location data
SM Remias, CM Day, JM Waddell, JN Kirsch, T Trepanier
Transportation research record 2672 (18), 128-142, 2018
Spatially referenced probe data performance measures for infrastructure investment decision makers
SM Remias, TM Brennan, CM Day, HT Summers, DK Horton, ED Cox, ...
Transportation Research Record 2420 (1), 33-44, 2014
Characterizing traffic-signal performance and corridor reliability using crowd-sourced probe vehicle trajectories
JM Waddell, SM Remias, JN Kirsch
Journal of Transportation Engineering, Part A: Systems 146 (7), 04020053, 2020
2011 Indiana Interstate Mobility Report—Full Version
S Remias, T Brennan, G Grimmer, E Cox, D Horton, D Bullock
Shock wave boundary identification using cloud-based probe data
H Li, SM Remias, CM Day, MM Mekker, JR Sturdevant, DM Bullock
Transportation Research Record 2526 (1), 51-60, 2015
2012 Indiana mobility report: Full version
SM Remias, TM Brennan Jr, CM Day, H Summers, E Cox, D Horton, ...
Quantifying benefits of traffic signal retiming
CM Day, TM Brennan Jr, H Premachandra, AM Hainen, SM Remias, ...
Joint Transportation Research Program, 2010
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