Sugny Dominique
Sugny Dominique
Laboratoire interdisciplinaire Carnot de Bourgogne
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Training Schrödinger’s cat: quantum optimal control
SJ Glaser, U Boscain, T Calarco, CP Koch, W Köckenberger, R Kosloff, ...
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D Daems, A Ruschhaupt, D Sugny, S Guerin
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Quantum control of molecular rotation
CP Koch, M Lemeshko, D Sugny
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Time-optimal control of SU (2) quantum operations
A Garon, SJ Glaser, D Sugny
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M Lapert, R Tehini, G Turinici, D Sugny
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R Tehini, D Sugny
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A universal optical all-fiber omnipolarizer
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B Bonnard, D Sugny
American Institute of Mathematical Sciences, 2012
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