Bruno Capaccioni
Bruno Capaccioni
Professor of Geochemistry, University of Bologna (Italy)
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Saline intrusion and refreshening in a multilayer coastal aquifer in the Catania Plain (Sicily, Southern Italy): dynamics of degradation processes according to the …
B Capaccioni, M Didero, C Paletta, L Didero
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B Capaccioni, Y Taran, F Tassi, O Vaselli, G Mangani, JL Macias
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Biomineralization control related to population density under ocean acidification
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B Capaccioni, F Tassi, O Vaselli, D Tedesco, R Poreda
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The hydrothermal-volcanic system of Rincon de la Vieja volcano (Costa Rica): A combined (inorganic and organic) geochemical approach to understanding the origin of the fluid …
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Soil gas radon assessment and development of a radon risk map in Bolsena, Central Italy
G Cinelli, L Tositti, B Capaccioni, E Brattich, D Mostacci
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Low-pH waters discharging from submarine vents at Panarea Island (Aeolian Islands, southern Italy) after the 2002 gas blast: Origin of hydrothermal fluids and implications for …
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Monitoring of active but quiescent volcanoes using light hydrocarbon distribution in volcanic gases: the results of 4 years of discontinuous monitoring in the Campi Flegrei (Italy)
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Ocean warming and acidification synergistically increase coral mortality
F Prada, E Caroselli, S Mengoli, L Brizi, P Fantazzini, B Capaccioni, ...
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Climatic control on the growth of gigantic gypsum crystals within hypogenic caves (Naica mine, Mexico)?
PS Garofalo, MB Fricker, D Günther, P Forti, AM Mercuri, M Loreti, ...
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Hydrogeochemistry of groundwaters from carbonate formations with basal gypsiferous layers: an example from the Mt Catria–Mt Nerone ridge (Northern Appennines, Italy)
B Capaccioni, M Didero, C Paletta, P Salvadori
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Intense magmatic degassing through the lake of Copahue volcano, 2013–2014
G Tamburello, M Agusto, A Caselli, F Tassi, O Vaselli, S Calabrese, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 120 (9), 6071-6084, 2015
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