Marcin Drag
Marcin Drag
Professor, Department of Chemical Biology and Bioimaging, Wroclaw University of Technology
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Emerging principles in protease-based drug discovery
M Drag, GS Salvesen
Nature reviews Drug discovery 9 (9), 690-701, 2010
FLIPL induces caspase 8 activity in the absence of interdomain caspase 8 cleavage and alters substrate specificity
C Pop, A Oberst, M Drag, BJ Van Raam, SJ Riedl, DR Green, ...
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A constitutively active and uninhibitable caspase-3 zymogen efficiently induces apoptosis
J Walters, C Pop, FL Scott, M Drag, P Swartz, C Mattos, GS Salvesen, ...
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Small Ubiquitin-related Modifier (SUMO)-specific Proteases PROFILING THE SPECIFICITIES AND ACTIVITIES OF HUMAN SENPs
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Caspase substrates and inhibitors
M Poręba, A Stróżyk, GS Salvesen, M Drąg
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TS Skinner-Adams, CM Stack, KR Trenholme, CL Brown, J Grembecka, ...
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DeSUMOylating enzymes—SENPs
M Drag, GS Salvesen
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Metallo-aminopeptidase inhibitors
A Mucha, M Drag, JP Dalton, P Kafarski
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Distribution and paralogue specificity of mammalian deSUMOylating enzymes
N Kolli, J Mikolajczyk, M Drag, D Mukhopadhyay, N Moffatt, M Dasso, ...
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Esters of betulin and betulinic acid with amino acids have improved water solubility and are selectively cytotoxic toward cancer cells
M Drag-Zalesinska, J Kulbacka, J Saczko, T Wysocka, M Zabel, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters 19 (16), 4814-4817, 2009
Comparision of the cytotoxic effects of birch bark extract, betulin and betulinic acid towards human gastric carcinoma and pancreatic carcinoma drug-sensitive and drug …
M Drag, P Surowiak, M Drag-Zalesinska, M Dietel, H Lage, J Oleksyszyn
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Design of ultrasensitive probes for human neutrophil elastase through hybrid combinatorial substrate library profiling
P Kasperkiewicz, M Poreba, SJ Snipas, H Parker, CC Winterbourn, ...
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Aminopeptidase fingerprints, an integrated approach for identification of good substrates and optimal inhibitors
M Drag, M Bogyo, JA Ellman, GS Salvesen
Journal of Biological Chemistry 285 (5), 3310-3318, 2010
Probing the S1 specificity pocket of the aminopeptidases that generate antigenic peptides
E Zervoudi, A Papakyriakou, D Georgiadou, I Evnouchidou, A Gajda, ...
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Regio-and stereoselective synthesis of 2-amino-1-hydroxy-2-aryl ethylphosphonic esters
HJ Cristau, JL Pirat, M Drag, P Kafarski
Tetrahedron Letters 41 (50), 9781-9785, 2000
α-Aminoalkylphosphonates as a tool in experimental optimisation of P1 side chain shape of potential inhibitors in S1 pocket of leucine-and neutral aminopeptidases
M Drąg, J Grembecka, M Pawełczak, P Kafarski
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Activation and specificity of human caspase-10
K Wachmann, C Pop, BJ van Raam, M Drag, PD Mace, SJ Snipas, ...
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Activity profiling of human deSUMOylating enzymes (SENPs) with synthetic substrates suggests an unexpected specificity of two newly characterized members of the family
M Drag, J Mikolajczyk, IM Krishnakumar, Z Huang, GS Salvesen
Biochemical Journal 409 (2), 461-469, 2008
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