Ewen Lavoie
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Characterization of normative hand movements during two functional upper limb tasks
AM Valevicius, QA Boser, EB Lavoie, GS Murgatroyd, PM Pilarski, ...
PLoS One 13 (6), e0199549, 2018
Using synchronized eye and motion tracking to determine high-precision eye-movement patterns during object-interaction tasks
EB Lavoie, AM Valevicius, QA Boser, O Kovic, AH Vette, PM Pilarski, ...
Journal of vision 18 (6), 18-18, 2018
Quantitative eye gaze and movement differences in visuomotor adaptations to varying task demands among upper-extremity prosthesis users
JS Hebert, QA Boser, AM Valevicius, H Tanikawa, EB Lavoie, AH Vette, ...
JAMA network open 2 (9), e1911197-e1911197, 2019
Characterization of normative angular joint kinematics during two functional upper limb tasks
AM Valevicius, QA Boser, EB Lavoie, CS Chapman, PM Pilarski, ...
Gait & posture 69, 176-186, 2019
Cluster-based upper body marker models for three-dimensional kinematic analysis: Comparison with an anatomical model and reliability analysis
QA Boser, AM Valevicius, EB Lavoie, CS Chapman, PM Pilarski, ...
Journal of biomechanics 72, 228-234, 2018
What’s limbs got to do with it? Real-world movement correlates with feelings of ownership over virtual arms during object interactions in virtual reality
E Lavoie, CS Chapman
Neuroscience of Consciousness 2020 (1), niaa027, 2021
Examining the “species” of situated cognition in humans
EB Lavoie, JK Bertrand, J Sawalha, SA Stone, NJ Wispinski, ...
Comparative Cognition & Behavior Reviews 13, 2018
Reaching for known unknowns: Rapid reach decisions accurately reflect the future state of dynamic probabilistic information
NJ Wispinski, SA Stone, JK Bertrand, AAO Zuk, EB Lavoie, JP Gallivan, ...
Cortex 138, 253-265, 2021
Exploring Normative Eye Movement Patterns in Functional Tasks
EB Lavoie
Comparing eye–hand coordination between controller-mediated virtual reality, and a real-world object interaction task
E Lavoie, JS Hebert, CS Chapman
Journal of Vision 24 (2), 9-9, 2024
Exploring the Impact of Visual and Haptic Feedback on Eye-Hand Coordination and Embodiment in Virtual Reality
E Lavoie
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E Lavoie
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