Ismael L. Paiva
Ismael L. Paiva
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Cytowane przez
Quantum circuits for measuring weak values, Kirkwood–Dirac quasiprobability distributions, and state spectra
R Wagner, Z Schwartzman-Nowik, IL Paiva, A Te’eni, A Ruiz-Molero, ...
Quantum Science and Technology 9 (1), 015030, 2024
Geometric phases and the Sagnac effect: foundational aspects and sensing applications
IL Paiva, R Lenny, E Cohen
Advanced Quantum Technologies 5 (2), 2100121, 2022
Non-inertial quantum clock frames lead to non-Hermitian dynamics
IL Paiva, A Te’eni, BY Peled, E Cohen, Y Aharonov
Communications Physics 5 (1), 298, 2022
Coherence and realism in the Aharonov-Bohm effect
IL Paiva, PR Dieguez, RM Angelo, E Cohen
Physical Review A 107 (3), 032213, 2023
Dynamical nonlocality in quantum time via modular operators
IL Paiva, M Nowakowski, E Cohen
Physical Review A 105 (4), 042207, 2022
Flow of time during energy measurements and the resulting time-energy uncertainty relations
IL Paiva, AC Lobo, E Cohen
Quantum 6, 683, 2022
Quantum logical entropy: fundamentals and general properties
B Tamir, IL Paiva, Z Schwartzman-Nowik, E Cohen
4open 5, 2, 2022
A general setting for functions of Fueter variables: differentiability, rational functions, Fock module and related topics
D Alpay, IL Paiva, DC Struppa
Israel Journal of Mathematics 236 (1), 207-246, 2020
Distribution spaces and a new construction of stochastic processes associated with the Grassmann algebra
D Alpay, IL Paiva, DC Struppa
Journal of Mathematical Physics 60 (1), 2019
Magnetic forces in the absence of a classical magnetic field
IL Paiva, Y Aharonov, J Tollaksen, M Waegell
Physical Review A 101 (4), 042111, 2020
Topological bound states for quantum charges
IL Paiva, Y Aharonov, J Tollaksen, M Waegell
Physical Review A 100 (4), 040101, 2019
Positivity, rational Schur functions, Blaschke factors, and other related results in the Grassmann algebra
D Alpay, IL Paiva, DC Struppa
Integral Equations and Operator Theory 91 (2), 8, 2019
Aharonov–Bohm effect with an effective complex-valued vector potential
IL Paiva, Y Aharonov, J Tollaksen, M Waegell
New Journal of Physics 25 (5), 053017, 2023
Nonrelativistic spatiotemporal quantum reference frames
M Suleymanov, IL Paiva, E Cohen
Physical Review A 109 (3), 032205, 2024
Time-symmetry and topology of the Aharonov–Bohm effect
Y Aharonov, IL Paiva, Z Schwartzman-Nowik, AC Elitzur, E Cohen
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 56 (47), 475302, 2023
Induced on-demand revival in coined quantum walks on infinite -dimensional lattices
MN Jayakody, IL Paiva, A Nanayakkara, E Cohen
Physical Review A 105 (3), 032413, 2022
On the extension of positive definite kernels to topological algebras
D Alpay, IL Paiva
Journal of Mathematical Physics 61 (6), 063507, 2020
Alguns Aspectos do Tempo na Mecânica Quântica
IL Paiva
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, 2014
Proper and improper density matrices and the consistency of the Deutsch model for Local Closed Timelike Curves
AC Lobo, IL Paiva, PR Dieguez
arXiv preprint arXiv:1110.6361, 2011
Unveiling quantum complementarity tradeoffs in relativistic scenarios
MLW Basso, IL Paiva, PR Dieguez
Physical Review A 109 (6), 062207, 2024
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