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Anna Zajenkowska
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Gender as a moderator between Present-Hedonistic time perspective and depressive symptoms or stress during COVID-19 lock-down
M Bodecka, I Nowakowska, A Zajenkowska, J Rajchert, I Kaźmierczak, ...
Personality and Individual Differences 168, 110395, 2021
Aggressive? From time to time… uncovering the complex associations between time perspectives and aggression
M Stolarski, M Zajenkowski, A Zajenkowska
Current Psychology 35, 506-515, 2016
Personality and individual differences in responses to aggression triggering events among prisoners and non-prisoners
A Zajenkowska, KS Jankowski, C Lawrence, M Zajenkowski
Personality and Individual Differences 55 (8), 947-951, 2013
Intelligence and aggression: The role of cognitive control and test related stress
M Zajenkowski, A Zajenkowska
Personality and Individual Differences 81, 23-28, 2015
General trust scale: Validation in cross-cultural settings
D Jasielska, R Rogoza, A Zajenkowska, MB Russa
Current Psychology 40, 5019-5029, 2021
The relationship between mood experienced during an exam, proneness to frustration and neuroticism
A Zajenkowska, M Zajenkowski, KS Jankowski
Learning and Individual Differences 37, 237-240, 2015
Cross‐cultural sex differences in situational triggers of aggressive responses
A Zajenkowska, K Mylonas, C Lawrence, K Konopka, J Rajchert
International Journal of Psychology 49 (5), 355-363, 2014
What does the ambiguous intentions hostility questionnaire really measure? The importance of context in evaluating hostility bias
A Zajenkowska, M Prusik, M Szulawski
Journal of Personality Assessment, 2018
How sensitivity to provocation shapes encoding and interpretation of ambivalent scenes in an eye tracking study
A Zajenkowska, J Rajchert
Journal of Cognitive Psychology 32 (2), 180-198, 2020
Stress and sensitivity to frustration predicting depression among young adults in Poland and Korea-psychological and philosophical explanations
A Zajenkowska, D Jasielska, J Melonowska
Current Psychology 38, 769-774, 2019
Confucian and Protestant work ethics among Polish and Korean employees and small business owners
A Domurat, A Zajenkowska
Journal of Intercultural Communication 12 (1), 1-17, 2012
Cultural influences on social information processing: Hostile attributions in the United States, Poland, and Japan
A Zajenkowska, M Bower Russa, R Rogoza, J Park, D Jasielska, ...
Journal of Personality Assessment 103 (4), 489-497, 2021
Self-selection biases in psychological studies: Personality and affective disorders are prevalent among participants
I Kaźmierczak, A Zajenkowska, R Rogoza, PK Jonason, D Ścigała
Plos one 18 (3), e0281046, 2023
Hostile attribution bias among offenders and non‐offenders: Making social information processing more adequate
A Zajenkowska, M Prusik, D Jasielska, M Szulawski
Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology 31 (2), 241-256, 2021
Be careful what you wish for! Desired and actual behavior inconsistency in frustrating and provoking situations as predictors of depression
A Zajenkowska, J Ulatowska, M Prusik, M Budziszewska
Studia Psychologica 59 (4), 243-255, 2017
Communion-orientation as an antidote for aggressive behaviour among high provocation sensitive individuals
A Zajenkowska, K Konopka
Personality and Individual Differences 76, 62-67, 2015
Relative culture: A study on contexting and extraversion among American and Polish expatriates
A Maria Zajenkowska, J M. Zimmerman
Baltic Journal of Management 9 (1), 2-21, 2013
Defense mechanisms and borderline personality organization among COVID-19 believers and non-believers during complete lock-down
A Zajenkowska, I Nowakowska, M Bodecka-Zych, J Rajchert, ...
Frontiers in Psychiatry 12, 700774, 2021
Happiness and hostile attributions in a cross-cultural context: The importance of interdependence
D Jasielska, R Rogoza, MB Russa, J Park, A Zajenkowska
Journal of Happiness Studies 22, 163-179, 2021
Situational context influences the degree of hostile attributions made by individuals with schizophrenia or autism spectrum disorder
A Zajenkowska, R Rogoza, NJ Sasson, PD Harvey, DL Penn, ...
British journal of clinical psychology 60 (2), 160-176, 2021
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