Michał Tomza
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Cold hybrid ion-atom systems
M Tomza, K Jachymski, R Gerritsma, A Negretti, T Calarco, Z Idziaszek, ...
Reviews of Modern Physics 91 (3), 035001, 2019
Interatomic potentials, electric properties and spectroscopy of the ground and excited states of the Rb2 molecule: ab initio calculations and effect of a non-resonant field*
M Tomza, W Skomorowski, M Musiał, R González-Férez, CP Koch, ...
Molecular Physics 111, 1781, 2013
Generating Molecular Rovibrational Coherence by Two-Photon Femtosecond Photoassociation of Thermally Hot Atoms
L Rybak, S Amaran, L Levin, M Tomza, R Moszynski, R Kosloff, CP Koch, ...
Physical Review Letters 107 (27), 273001, 2011
Cold interactions between an Yb+ ion and a Li atom: Prospects for sympathetic cooling, radiative association, and Feshbach resonances
M Tomza, CP Koch, R Moszynski
Physical Review A 91 (4), 042706, 2015
Observation of collisions between cold Li atoms and ions
J Joger, H Fürst, N Ewald, T Feldker, M Tomza, R Gerritsma
Physical Review A 96 (3), 030703, 2017
Crossover between few and many fermions in a harmonic trap
T Grining, M Tomza, M Lesiuk, M Przybytek, M Musiał, R Moszynski, ...
Physical Review A 92 (6), 061601, 2015
Rydberg molecules for ion-atom scattering in the ultracold regime
T Schmid, C Veit, N Zuber, R Löw, T Pfau, M Tarana, M Tomza
Physical Review Letters 120 (15), 153401, 2018
Formation of ultracold SrYb molecules in an optical lattice by photoassociation spectroscopy: theoretical prospects
M Tomza, F Pawłowski, M Jeziorska, CP Koch, R Moszynski
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13 (42), 18893, 2011
Buffer gas cooling of a trapped ion to the quantum regime
T Feldker, H Fürst, H Hirzler, NV Ewald, M Mazzanti, D Wiater, M Tomza, ...
Nature Physics 16, 413, 2020
Optimized production of ultracold ground-state molecules: Stabilization employing potentials with ion-pair character and strong spin-orbit coupling
M Tomza, MH Goerz, M Musiał, R Moszynski, CP Koch
Physical Review A 86 (4), 043424, 2012
Many interacting fermions in a one-dimensional harmonic trap: a quantum-chemical treatment
T Grining, M Tomza, M Lesiuk, M Przybytek, M Musiał, P Massignan, ...
New Journal of Physics 17 (11), 115001, 2015
Energetics and control of ultracold isotope-exchange reactions between heteronuclear dimers in external fields
M Tomza
Physical Review Letters 115 (6), 063201, 2015
Chemical reactions of ultracold alkali-metal dimers in the lowest-energy^{3} Σ state
M Tomza, KW Madison, R Moszynski, RV Krems
Physical Review A 88 (5), 050701, 2013
Long-range versus short-range effects in cold molecular ion-neutral collisions
AD Dörfler, P Eberle, D Koner, M Tomza, M Meuwly, S Willitsch
Nature Communications 10 (1), 5429, 2019
Feshbach resonances in potassium Bose-Bose mixtures
L Tanzi, CR Cabrera, J Sanz, P Cheiney, M Tomza, L Tarruell
Physical Review A 98 (6), 062712, 2018
Controlling Magnetic Feshbach Resonances in Polar Open-Shell Molecules with Nonresonant Light
M Tomza, R González-Férez, CP Koch, R Moszynski
Physical Review Letters 112 (11), 113201, 2014
Dynamics of a single ion-spin impurity in a spin-polarized atomic bath
H Fürst, T Feldker, NV Ewald, J Joger, M Tomza, R Gerritsma
Physical Review A 98 (1), 012713, 2018
Femtosecond two-photon photoassociation of hot magnesium atoms: A quantum dynamical study using thermal random phase wavefunctions
S Amaran, R Kosloff, M Tomza, W Skomorowski, F Pawłowski, ...
The Journal of Chemical Physics 139 (16), 164124, 2013
Femtosecond coherent control of thermal photoassociation of magnesium atoms
L Rybak, Z Amitay, S Amaran, R Kosloff, M Tomza, R Moszynski, CP Koch
Faraday Discussions 153, 383, 2011
Rotation of cold molecular ions inside a Bose-Einstein condensate
B Midya, M Tomza, R Schmidt, M Lemeshko
Physical Review A 94 (4), 041601, 2016
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