Shushi Namba
Shushi Namba
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Spontaneous facial expressions are different from posed facial expressions: Morphological properties and dynamic sequences
S Namba, S Makihara, RS Kabir, M Miyatani, T Nakao
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Human and machine validation of 14 databases of dynamic facial expressions
EG Krumhuber, D Küster, S Namba, L Skora
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Emotion recognition from posed and spontaneous dynamic expressions: Human observers versus machine analysis.
EG Krumhuber, D Küster, S Namba, D Shah, MG Calvo
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Dynamic displays enhance the ability to discriminate genuine and posed facial expressions of emotion
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Spontaneous facial expressions reveal new action units for the sad experiences
S Namba, T Kagamihara, M Miyatani, T Nakao
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An android for emotional interaction: Spatiotemporal validation of its facial expressions
W Sato, S Namba, D Yang, S Nishida, C Ishi, T Minato
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Smile action unit detection from distal wearable electromyography and computer vision
M Perusquía-Hernández, F Dollack, CK Tan, S Namba, ...
2021 16th IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture …, 2021
Viewpoint robustness of automated facial action unit detection systems
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Spontaneous facial actions map onto emotional experiences in a non-social context: toward a component-based approach
S Namba, RS Kabir, M Miyatani, T Nakao
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Fantasy component of interpersonal reactivity is associated with empathic accuracy: Findings from behavioral experiments with implications for applied settings
S Namba, RS Kabir, K Matsuda, Y Noguchi, K Kambara, R Kobayashi, ...
Reading Psychology 42 (7), 788-806, 2021
Social context and culture influence judgments of non-Duchenne smiles
S Namba, M Rychlowska, A Orlowska, H Aviezer, EG Krumhuber
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Sound-symbolic semantics of written Japanese vowels in a paper-based survey study
M Ando, X Liu, Y Yan, Y Yang, S Namba, K Abe, T Kambara
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Pictorial referents facilitate recognition and retrieval speeds of associations between novel words in a second language (L2) and referents
X Liu, H Horinouchi, Y Yang, Y Yan, M Ando, UJ Obinna, S Namba, ...
Frontiers in Communication 6, 605009, 2021
Semantics based on the physical characteristics of facial expressions used to produce Japanese vowels
S Namba, T Kambara
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豊田秀樹, 難波修史, 平川真, 武藤拓之, 徳岡大, 坂本次郎, 清水裕士, ...
日本心理学会大会発表論文集 日本心理学会第 82 回大会, SS-019-SS-019, 2018
Computational process of sharing emotion: An authentic information perspective
S Namba, W Sato, K Nakamura, K Watanabe
Frontiers in Psychology 13, 849499, 2022
Facial movement synergies and action unit detection from distal wearable electromyography and computer vision
M Perusquia-Hernandez, F Dollack, CK Tan, S Namba, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2008.08791, 2020
Experimental study of retinal opacity after ocular blunt trauma: fluorescein angiographic and histopathological appearance
K Kitashoji, S Namba, K Hirai, M Matsuyama
Folia Ophthalmol. Jpn 36, 1374-8, 1985
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