Mariusz Majdanski
Mariusz Majdanski
Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences
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Crustal structure due to collisional and escape tectonics in the Eastern Alps region based on profiles Alp01 and Alp02 from the ALP 2002 seismic experiment
E Brückl, F Bleibinhaus, A Gosar, M Grad, A Guterch, P Hrubcová, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 112 (B6), 2007
Transcurrent nature of the Teisseyre–Tornquist Zone in Central Europe: results of the POLCRUST-01 deep reflection seismic profile
M Narkiewicz, A Maksym, M Malinowski, M Grad, A Guterch, Z Petecki, ...
International Journal of Earth Sciences 104, 775-796, 2015
2-D seismic tomographic and ray tracing modelling of the crustal structure across the Sudetes Mountains basing on SUDETES 2003 experiment data
M Majdański, M Grad, A Guterch, SUDETES 2003 Working Group
Tectonophysics 413 (3-4), 249-269, 2006
Deep seismic reflection profile in Central Europe reveals complex pattern of Paleozoic and Alpine accretion at the East European Craton margin
M Malinowski, A Guterch, M Narkiewicz, J Probulski, A Maksym, ...
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PASSEQ 2006-2008: passive seismic experiment in Trans-European Suture Zone
M Wilde-Piorko, WH Geissler, J Plomerová, M Grad, V Babuska, E Brückl, ...
Studia geophysica et geodaetica 52 (3), 439, 2008
Integrated seismic model of the crust and upper mantle of the Trans-European Suture zone between the Precambrian craton and Phanerozoic terranes in Central Europe
M Wilde-Piórko, M Świeczak, M Grad, M Majdański
Tectonophysics 481 (1-4), 108-115, 2010
The structure of the crust in TESZ area by kriging interpolation
M Majdański
Acta Geophysica 60, 59-75, 2012
3D structure of the Earth's crust beneath the northern part of the Bohemian Massif
M Majdański, E Kozlovskaya, M Grad, SUDETES 2003 Working Group
Tectonophysics 437 (1-4), 17-36, 2007
Attenuation of free-surface multiples by up/down deconvolution for marine towed-streamer data
M Majdański, C Kostov, E Kragh, I Moore, M Thompson, J Mispel
Geophysics 76 (6), V129-V138, 2011
Crustal structure of the Eastern Alps and their foreland: seismic model beneath the CEL10/Alp04 profile and tectonic implications
M Grad, E Brückl, M Majdański, M Behm, A Guterch, ...
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Seismic crustal structure along the deep transect Horsted’05, Svalbard
W Czuba, M Grad, A Guterch, M Majdański, M Malinowski, R Mjelde, ...
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Geophysical constraints on the crustal structure of the East European Platform margin and its foreland based on the POLCRUST-01 deep reflection seismic profile
M Malinowski, A Guterch, M Narkiewicz, Z Petecki, T Janik, P Środa, ...
Tectonophysics 653, 109-126, 2015
Interpretation of geoid anomalies in the contact zone between the East European Craton and the Palaeozoic Platform—I. Estimation of effects of density inhomogeneities in the …
M Majdański, E Kozlovskaya, M Świeczak, M Grad
Geophysical Journal International 177 (2), 321-333, 2009
Spatial distribution and controls of permafrost development in non-glacial Arctic catchment over the Holocene, Fuglebekken, SW Spitsbergen
M Glazer, W Dobiński, A Marciniak, M Majdański, M Błaszczyk
Geomorphology 358, 107128, 2020
Uncertainty based multi-step seismic analysis for near-surface imaging
A Marciniak, I Stan-Kłeczek, A Idziak, M Majdański
Open Geosciences 11 (1), 727-737, 2019
Interpretation of geoid anomalies in the contact zone between the East European Craton and the Palaeozoic Platform—II: Modelling of density in the lithospheric mantle
M Świeczak, E Kozlovskaya, M Majdański, M Grad
Geophysical Journal International 177 (2), 334-346, 2009
3D seismic model of the uppermost crust of the Admiralty Bay area, King George Island, West Antarctica
M Majdański, P Środa, M Malinowski, W Czuba, M Grad, A Guterch, ...
Polish Polar Research 29 (4), 303-318, 2008
The uncertainty in layered models from wide-angle seismic data
M Majdański
Geophysics 78 (3), WB31-WB36, 2013
Fault and fracture network characterization using seismic data: a study based on neural network models assessment
Q Yasin, M Majdański, GM Sohail, H Vo Thanh
Geomechanics and Geophysics for Geo-Energy and Geo-Resources 8 (2), 41, 2022
Integrated geophysical imaging of a mountain landslide–a case study from the Outer Carpathians, Poland
A Marciniak, S Kowalczyk, T Gontar, B Owoc, A Nawrot, B Luks, J Cader, ...
Journal of Applied Geophysics 191, 104364, 2021
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