Oleksandr Bondar, Олександр Бондар, Александр Бондарь
Oleksandr Bondar, Олександр Бондар, Александр Бондарь
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Cytowane przez
Microstructure, physical and chemical properties of nanostructured (Ti–Hf–Zr–V–Nb) N coatings under different deposition conditions
AD Pogrebnjak, IV Yakushchenko, AA Bagdasaryan, OV Bondar, ...
Materials Chemistry and Physics 147 (3), 1079-1091, 2014
Irradiation resistance, microstructure and mechanical properties of nanostructured (TiZrHfVNbTa) N coatings
AD Pogrebnjak, IV Yakushchenko, OV Bondar, VM Beresnev, K Oyoshi, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 679, 155-163, 2016
Experimental and theoretical studies of the physicochemical and mechanical properties of multi-layered TiN/SiC films: Temperature effects on the nanocomposite structure
AD Pogrebnjak, VI Ivashchenko, PL Skrynskyy, OV Bondar, P Konarski, ...
Composites Part B: Engineering 142, 85-94, 2018
Superhard CrN/MoN coatings with multilayer architecture
AD Pogrebnjak, VM Beresnev, OV Bondar, BO Postolnyi, K Zaleski, E Coy, ...
Materials & Design 153, 47-59, 2018
Structure and properties of arc evaporated nanoscale TiN/MoN multilayered systems
AD Pogrebnjak, D Eyidi, G Abadias, OV Bondar, VM Beresnev, OV Sobol
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Synthesis, characterization, in vitro biocompatibility and antibacterial properties study of nanocomposite materials based on hydroxyapatite-biphasic ZnO micro-and …
A Turlybekuly, AD Pogrebnjak, LF Sukhodub, LB Sukhodub, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: C 104, 109965, 2019
Multilayer design of CrN/MoN protective coatings for enhanced hardness and toughness
BO Postolnyi, VM Beresnev, G Abadias, OV Bondar, L Rebouta, JP Araujo, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 725, 1188-1198, 2017
Structural and mechanical properties of NbN and Nb-Si-N films: Experiment and molecular dynamics simulations
AD Pogrebnjak, OV Bondar, G Abadias, V Ivashchenko, OV Sobol, ...
Ceramics International 42 (10), 11743-11756, 2016
Electrolytic plasma processing for plating coatings and treating metals and alloys
AD Pogrebnyak, AS Kaverina, MK Kylyshkanov
Protection of Metals and Physical Chemistry of Surfaces 50, 72-87, 2014
Multilayered ZrN/CrN coatings with enhanced thermal and mechanical properties
OV Maksakova, S Simoẽs, AD Pogrebnjak, OV Bondar, YO Kravchenko, ...
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Nanocomposite multilayer binary nitride coatings based on transition and refractory metals: Structure and properties
A Pogrebnjak, K Smyrnova, O Bondar
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The influence of deposition conditions and bilayer thickness on physical-mechanical properties of CA-PVD multilayer ZrN/CrN coatings
O Maksakova, S Simoẽs, A Pogrebnjak, O Bondar, Y Kravchenko, ...
Materials Characterization 140, 189-196, 2018
Multilayered vacuum-arc nanocomposite TiN/ZrN coatings before and after annealing: Structure, properties, first-principles calculations
A Pogrebnjak, V Ivashchenko, O Bondar, V Beresnev, O Sobol, K Załęski, ...
Materials Characterization 134, 55-63, 2017
The effect of the deposition parameters of nitrides of high-entropy alloys (TiZrHfVNb) N on their structure, composition, mechanical and tribological properties
AD Pogrebnjak, IV Yakushchenko, G Abadias, P Chartier, OV Bondar, ...
Journal of Superhard Materials 35, 356-368, 2013
Composite material with nanoscale architecture based on bioapatite, sodium alginate and ZnO microparticles
A Pogrebnjak, L Sukhodub, L Sukhodub, O Bondar, M Kumeda, ...
Ceramics International 45 (6), 7504-7514, 2019
Influence of Deposition Parameters on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Nitride High-Entropy Alloys (Ti-Zr-Hf-V-Nb)N
MOL 60. A.D. Pogrebnjak, V.M. Beresnev, O.V. Bondar, G
Nanomaterials: Applications and Properties NAP – 2013, Proceedings 2 (II …, 2013
Antibacterial effect of Au implantation in ductile nanocomposite multilayer (TiAlSiY) N/CrN coatings
AD Pogrebnjak, CH Kong, RF Webster, RD Tilley, Y Takeda, K Oyoshi, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (51), 48540-48550, 2019
Comparison of tribological characteristics of nanostructured TiN, MoN, and TiN/MoN Arc-PVD coatings
VM Beresnev, OV Bondar, BO Postolnyi, MO Lisovenko, G Abadias, ...
Journal of Friction and Wear 35, 374-382, 2014
Nanoscale architecture of (CrN/ZrN)/(Cr/Zr) nanocomposite coatings: Microstructure, composition, mechanical properties and first-principles calculations
OV Maksakova, RF Webster, RD Tilley, VI Ivashchenko, BO Postolnyi, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 831, 154808, 2020
Influence of implantation of Au ions on the microstructure and mechanical properties of the nanostructured multielement (TiZrHf VNbTa)N coating
AD Pogrebnjak, IV Yakushchenko, OV Bondar, OV Sobol’, VM Beresnev, ...
Physics of the Solid State 57, 1559-1564, 2015
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