Andrzej W Cwetsch
Andrzej W Cwetsch
Instituto de Biotecnología y Biomedicina Universidad de Valencia
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Targeted in vivo genetic manipulation of the mouse or rat brain by in utero electroporation with a triple-electrode probe
J Szczurkowska, AW Cwetsch, M Dal Maschio, D Ghezzi, GM Ratto, ...
Nature Protocols 11 (3), 399-412, 2016
The female epilepsy protein PCDH19 is a new GABAAR-binding partner that regulates GABAergic transmission as well as migration and morphological maturation …
S Bassani, AW Cwetsch, L Gerosa, GM Serratto, A Folci, IF Hall, ...
Human molecular genetics 27 (6), 1027-1038, 2018
The X-linked intellectual disability protein IL1RAPL1 regulates dendrite complexity
C Montani, M Ramos-Brossier, L Ponzoni, L Gritti, AW Cwetsch, D Braida, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 37 (28), 6606-6627, 2017
The development of synaptic transmission is time-locked to early social behaviors in rats
S Naskar, R Narducci, E Balzani, AW Cwetsch, V Tucci, L Cancedda
Nature communications 10 (1), 1-12, 2019
In vivo methods for acute modulation of gene expression in the central nervous system
AW Cwetsch, B Pinto, A Savardi, L Cancedda
Progress in neurobiology 168, 69-85, 2018
Synaptogenesis stimulates a proteasome-mediated ribosome reduction in axons
RO Costa, H Martins, LF Martins, AW Cwetsch, M Mele, JR Pedro, ...
Cell reports 28 (4), 864-876. e6, 2019
Single-cell transcriptomics of the early developing mouse cerebral cortex disentangle the spatial and temporal components of neuronal fate acquisition
MX Moreau, Y Saillour, AW Cwetsch, A Pierani, F Causeret
Development 148 (14), dev197962, 2021
Apaf1-deficient cortical neurons exhibit defects in axonal outgrowth
D De Zio, F Molinari, S Rizza, L Gatta, MT Ciotti, AM Salvatore, ...
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 72 (21), 4173-4191, 2015
Evolutionary gain of Dbx1 expression drives subplate identity in the cerebral cortex
Y Arai, AW Cwetsch, E Coppola, S Cipriani, H Nishihara, H Kanki, ...
Cell Reports 29 (3), 645-658. e5, 2019
Deficient adaptation to centrosome duplication defects in neural progenitors causes microcephaly and subcortical heterotopias
J González-Martínez, AW Cwetsch, D Martínez-Alonso, LR López-Sainz, ...
JCI insight 6 (16), 2021
A localized scaffold for cGMP increase is required for apical dendrite development
J Szczurkowska, SI Lee, A Guo, AW Cwetsch, T Khan, S Rao, G Walz, ...
Cell reports 31 (2), 107519, 2020
Increased performance in genetic manipulation by modeling the dielectric properties of the rodent brain
J Szczurkowska, M Dal Maschio, AW Cwetsch, D Ghezzi, G Bony, ...
2013 35th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2013
Modelling genetic mosaicism of neurodevelopmental disorders in vivo by a Cre-amplifying fluorescent reporter
F Trovato, R Parra, E Pracucci, S Landi, O Cozzolino, G Nardi, F Cruciani, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 1-13, 2020
Genetic interaction between PLK1 and downstream MCPH proteins in the control of centrosome asymmetry and cell fate during neural progenitor division
J González-Martínez, AW Cwetsch, J Gilabert-Juan, J Gómez, G Garaulet, ...
Cell Death & Differentiation, 1-12, 2022
AW Cwetsch, I Ziogas, R Narducci, A Savardi, M Bolla, B Pinto, LE Perlini, ...
A rat model of a focal mosaic expression of PCDH19 replicates human brain developmental abnormalities and behaviours
AW Cwetsch, I Ziogas, R Narducci, A Savardi, M Bolla, B Pinto, LE Perlini, ...
Brain communications 4 (3), fcac091, 2022
Lack of adaptation to centriolar defects leads to p53-independent microcephaly in the absence of Cep135
J González-Martínez, AW Cwetsch, D Martínez-Alonso, LR López-Sainz, ...
bioRxiv, 2020
A Cre-amplifier to generate and detect genetic mosaics in vivo
F Trovato, R Parra, E Pracucci, S Landi, O Cozzolino, G Nardi, F Cruciani, ...
bioRxiv, 715490, 2019
X-linked PCDH19 protein regulates cortical and hippocampal development, seizure susceptibility, cognition and autism-related behaviors
A Cwetsch, L Perlini, S Bassani, M Passafaro, L Cancedda
European Neuropsychopharmacology 27, S606-S607, 2017
Mosaic expression of X-linked PCDH19 Protein by in Utero Electroporation in Rats Replicates Human Cortical and Hippocampal Developmental Abnormalities, Associated Core …
AW Cwetsch, R Narducci, M Bolla, B Pinto, L Perlini, S Bassani, ...
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