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Pollen and bee bread as new health-oriented products: A review
M Kieliszek, K Piwowarek, AM Kot, S Błażejak, A Chlebowska-Śmigiel, ...
Trends in Food Science & Technology 71, 170-180, 2018
Rhodotorula glutinis—potential source of lipids, carotenoids, and enzymes for use in industries
AM Kot, S Błażejak, A Kurcz, I Gientka, M Kieliszek
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 100, 6103-6117, 2016
Characteristics of the proteolytic enzymes produced by lactic acid bacteria
M Kieliszek, K Pobiega, K Piwowarek, AM Kot
Molecules 26 (7), 1858, 2021
Torulene and torularhodin:“new” fungal carotenoids for industry?
AM Kot, S Błażejak, I Gientka, M Kieliszek, J Bryś
Microbial Cell Factories 17, 1-14, 2018
Biotechnological use of Candida yeasts in the food industry: A review
M Kieliszek, AM Kot, A Bzducha-Wróbel, S BŁażejak, I Gientka, A Kurcz
Fungal Biology Reviews 31 (4), 185-198, 2017
Simultaneous Production of Lipids and Carotenoids by the Red Yeast Rhodotorula from Waste Glycerol Fraction and Potato Wastewater
AM Kot, S Błażejak, M Kieliszek, I Gientka, J Bryś
Applied biochemistry and biotechnology 189, 589-607, 2019
Application of Industrial Wastes for the Production of Microbial Single-Cell Protein by Fodder Yeast Candida utilis
A Kurcz, S Błażejak, AM Kot, A Bzducha-Wróbel, M Kieliszek
Waste and biomass valorization 9, 57-64, 2018
Effect of selenium on growth and antioxidative system of yeast cells
M Kieliszek, S Błażejak, A Bzducha-Wróbel, AM Kot
Molecular biology reports 46, 1797-1808, 2019
Effect of initial pH of medium with potato wastewater and glycerol on protein, lipid and carotenoid biosynthesis by Rhodotorula glutinis
AM Kot, S Błażejak, A Kurcz, J Bryś, I Gientka, A Bzducha-Wróbel, ...
Electronic Journal of Biotechnology 27, 25-31, 2017
Effect of selenium on lipid and amino acid metabolism in yeast cells
M Kieliszek, S Błażejak, A Bzducha-Wróbel, AM Kot
Biological trace element research 187, 316-327, 2019
Biotechnological methods of management and utilization of potato industry waste—a review
AM Kot, K Pobiega, K Piwowarek, M Kieliszek, S Błażejak, M Gniewosz, ...
Potato research 63, 431-447, 2020
Carotenoids and some other pigments from fungi and yeasts
A Rapoport, I Guzhova, L Bernetti, P Buzzini, M Kieliszek, AM Kot
Metabolites 11 (2), 92, 2021
Effect of exogenous stress factors on the biosynthesis of carotenoids and lipids by Rhodotorula yeast strains in media containing agro-industrial waste
AM Kot, S Błażejak, M Kieliszek, I Gientka, J Bryś, L Reczek, K Pobiega
World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 35, 1-10, 2019
Current developments on the application of microbial carotenoids as an alternative to synthetic pigments
CU Mussagy, S Khan, AM Kot
Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition 62 (25), 6932-6946, 2021
Production of lipids and carotenoids by Rhodotorula gracilis ATCC 10788 yeast in a bioreactor using low-cost wastes
AM Kot, S Błażejak, M Kieliszek, I Gientka, K Piwowarek, R Brzezińska
Biocatalysis and agricultural biotechnology 26, 101634, 2020
Evaluation of lipid biosynthesis ability by Rhodotorula and Sporobolomyces strains in medium with glycerol
I Gientka, M Gadaszewska, S Błażejak, M Kieliszek, A Bzducha-Wróbel, ...
European Food Research and Technology 243, 275-286, 2017
Metabolic Response of the Yeast Candida utilis During Enrichment in Selenium
M Kieliszek, K Bierla, J Jiménez-Lamana, AM Kot, J Alcántara-Durán, ...
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 21 (15), 5287, 2020
Biological activity of some aromatic plants and their metabolites, with an emphasis on health-promoting properties
M Kieliszek, A Edris, AM Kot, K Piwowarek
Molecules 25 (11), 2478, 2020
Sporobolomyces and Sporidiobolus–non-conventional yeasts for use in industries
AM Kot, M Kieliszek, K Piwowarek, S Błażejak, CU Mussagy
Fungal Biology Reviews 37, 41-58, 2021
Comparison of simple and rapid cell wall disruption methods for improving lipid extraction from yeast cells
AM Kot, I Gientka, A Bzducha-Wróbel, S Błażejak, A Kurcz
Journal of Microbiological Methods 176, 105999, 2020
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