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Mitchell Uitvlugt
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Logged in and zoned out: How laptop internet use relates to classroom learning
SM Ravizza, MG Uitvlugt, KM Fenn
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Temporal proximity links unrelated news events in memory
MG Uitvlugt, MK Healey
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The effect of Twitter exposure on false memory formation
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The role of control processes in temporal and semantic contiguity
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Where to start? Bottom-up attention improves working memory by determining encoding order.
SM Ravizza, MG Uitvlugt, E Hazeltine
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance 42 (12 …, 2016
The nature of working memory gating in Parkinson’s disease: A multi-domain signal detection examination
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Does depth of processing affect temporal contiguity?
AMD Mundorf, MG Uitvlugt, MK Healey
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The tweeter matters: Factors that affect false memory from Twitter
NR Griffin, CR Fleck, MG Uitvlugt, SM Ravizza, KM Fenn
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Digital 0.0
M Spitzer
Nervenheilkunde 36 (04), 205-213, 2017
Fenn. 2017. Logged In and Zoned Out
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Psychological science 28 (2), 171-180, 2017
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Modeling of Reduced Temporal Contiguity for Distinct Items
LTT Lazarus, AM Dester, MG Uitvlugt, KM Healey
Context and Episodic Memory Symposium Philadelphia, PA, 2020
Is organization decided at encoding? Differentiating the effects of encoding and retrieval strategies.
AMD Mundorf, MG Uitvlugt, MK Healey
OSF, 2024
Recall initiation instructions influence how space and time interact in memory
MK Healey, BS Gibson, MG Uitvlugt, DM Gondoli
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Retrieval Practice in Free Recall: Effects of Delay, Additional Tests, and Practice Success
AMD Mundorf, M Uitvlugt, K Healey
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Integrating Retrieved Context Theory and Item-Order Theory: A Hybrid Model of the Distinctiveness Effect
LTT Lazarus, AMD Mundorf, M Uitvlugt, K Healey
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The Serial Position Effect of Free Recall: A 60th Anniversary Update to Murdock (1962)--Experiment 2: Presentation Rates
K Healey, M Uitvlugt
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Working memory in Parkinson's Disease under distraction: The role of the basal ganglia across verbal and spatial domains
MG Uitvlugt, SM Ravizza
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 222-222, 2013
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