Lasse Natvig
Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Experimental validation of the learning effect for a pedagogical game on computer fundamentals
G Sindre, L Natvig, M Jahre
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A cache-partitioning aware replacement policy for chip multiprocessors
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An lru-based replacement algorithm augmented with frequency of access in shared chip-multiprocessor caches
H Dybdahl, P Stenström, L Natvig
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" Age of computers"; an innovative combination of history and computer game elements for teaching computer fundamentals
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ParVec: vectorizing the PARSEC benchmark suite
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Logarithmic time cost optimal parallel sorting is not yet fast in practice!
L Natvig
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Scalability analysis of AVX-512 extensions
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Performance and energy impact of parallelization and vectorization techniques in modern microprocessors
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L Natvig
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Cost-comfort balancing in a smart residential building with bidirectional energy trading
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Case studies of multi-core energy efficiency in task based programs
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ICT as Key Technology against Global Warming: Second International …, 2012
V-pfordelta: Data compression for energy efficient computation of time series
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Multi-level hardware prefetching using low complexity delta correlating prediction tables with partial matching
M Grannaes, M Jahre, L Natvig
International Conference on High-Performance Embedded Architectures and …, 2010
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