Hong-Ning Dai
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Cytowane przez
An Overview of Blockchain Technology: Architecture, Consensus, and Future Trends
Z Zheng, S Xie, HN Dai, X Chen, H Wang
6th IEEE International Congress on Big Data, 2017
Blockchain challenges and opportunities: A survey
Z Zheng, S Xie, HN Dai, X Chen, H Wang
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Blockchain for Internet of Things: A Survey
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An overview on smart contracts: Challenges, advances and platforms
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Wide & Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Electricity-Theft Detection to Secure Smart Grids
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Big Data Analytics for Manufacturing Internet of Things: Opportunities, Challenges and Enabling Technologies
HN Dai, H Wang, G Xu, J Wan, M Imran
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Convergence of Blockchain and Edge Computing for Secure and Scalable IIoT Critical Infrastructures in Industry 4.0
Y Wu, HN Dai, H Wang
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An overview of using directional antennas in wireless networks
HN Dai, KW Ng, M Li, MY Wu
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Unmanned aerial vehicle for internet of everything: Opportunities and challenges
Y Liu, HN Dai, Q Wang, MK Shukla, M Imran
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A hybrid computing solution and resource scheduling strategy for edge computing in smart manufacturing
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Big Data and Industrial Internet of Things for the Maritime Industry in Northwestern Norway
H Wang, OL Osen, G Li, W Li, HN Dai, W Zeng
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Deep and embedded learning approach for traffic flow prediction in urban informatics
Z Zheng, Y Yang, J Liu, HN Dai, Y Zhang
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On the capacity of multi-channel wireless networks using directional antennas
HN Dai, KW Ng, RCW Wong, MY Wu
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Big Data Analytics for Large Scale Wireless Networks: Challenges and Opportunities
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Sentiment Analysis of Chinese Microblog Based on Stacked Bidirectional LSTM
J Zhou, Y Lu, HN Dai, H Wang, H Xiao
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An attention‐based category‐aware GRU model for the next POI recommendation
Y Liu, A Pei, F Wang, Y Yang, X Zhang, H Wang, HN Dai, L Qi, R Ma
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Blockchain-enabled internet of medical things to combat COVID-19
HN Dai, M Imran, N Haider
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Artificial-intelligence-driven customized manufacturing factory: key technologies, applications, and challenges
J Wan, X Li, HN Dai, A Kusiak, M Martinez-Garcia, D Li
Proceedings of the IEEE 109 (4), 377-398, 2020
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