Amit Sitt
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Multiexciton engineering in seeded core/shell nanorods: transfer from type-I to quasi-type-II regimes
A Sitt, FD Sala, G Menagen, U Banin
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A Sitt, A Salant, G Menagen, U Banin
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G Jia, A Sitt, GB Hitin, I Hadar, Y Bekenstein, Y Amit, I Popov, U Banin
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E Yoskovitz, G Menagen, A Sitt, E Lachman, U Banin
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Anistropic semiconductor nanoparticles
U Banin, A Zimran, I Lieberman, A Sitt
US Patent 9,957,442, 2018
Microscale rockets and picoliter containers engineered from electrospun polymeric microtubes
A Sitt, J Soukupova, D Miller, D Verdi, R Zboril, H Hess, J Lahann
Small 12 (11), 1432-1439, 2016
Single-particle studies of band alignment effects on electron transfer dynamics from semiconductor hetero-nanostructures to single-walled carbon nanotubes
CT Yuan, YG Wang, KY Huang, TY Chen, P Yu, J Tang, A Sitt, U Banin, ...
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C Zhang, A Sitt, HJ Koo, KV Waynant, H Hess, BD Pate, PV Braun
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Molecular Adsorption‐Mediated Control over the Electrical Characteristics of Polycrystalline CdTe/CdS Solar Cells
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A Sitt, H Hess
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Superparticles get complex
U Banin, A Sitt
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Interplay of quenching and enhancement effects in apertureless near-field fluorescence imaging of single nanoparticles
E Yoskovitz, I Hadar, A Sitt, I Lieberman, U Banin
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Why Do Colloidal Wurtzite Semiconductor Nanoplatelets Have an Atomically Uniform Thickness of Eight Monolayers?
Y Pang, M Zhang, D Chen, W Chen, F Wang, SJ Anwar, M Saunders, ...
The journal of physical chemistry letters 10 (12), 3465-3471, 2019
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D Chen, A Wang, H Li, LA Galán, C Su, Z Yin, M Massi, A Suvorova, ...
Nanoscale 11 (21), 10190-10197, 2019
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