Armen Hakhverdian
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Institutional trust, education, and corruption: A micro-macro interactive approach
A Hakhverdian, Q Mayne
The Journal of Politics 74 (3), 739-750, 2012
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CE De Vries, A Hakhverdian, B Lancee
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A Hakhverdian, E Van Elsas, W Van der Brug, T Kuhn
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United against a common foe? The nature and origins of Euroscepticism among left-wing and right-wing citizens
EJ Van Elsas, A Hakhverdian, W Van der Brug
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Ideological congruence and citizen satisfaction: Evidence from 25 advanced democracies
Q Mayne, A Hakhverdian
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T Kuhn, E Van Elsas, A Hakhverdian, W van der Brug
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A Hakhverdian, C Koop
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Off the fence, onto the bandwagon? A large-scale survey experiment on effect of real-life poll outcomes on subsequent vote intentions
TWG Van der Meer, A Hakhverdian, L Aaldering
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Political representation and its mechanisms: A dynamic left–right approach for the United Kingdom, 1976–2006
A Hakhverdian
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The causal flow between public opinion and policy: government responsiveness, leadership, or counter movement?
A Hakhverdian
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Real but unequal representation in welfare state reform
W Schakel, B Burgoon, A Hakhverdian
Politics & Society 48 (1), 131-163, 2020
Education, socialization, and political trust
Q Mayne, A Hakhverdian
Handbook on political trust, 176-196, 2017
Ideological congruence and socio-economic inequality
W Schakel, A Hakhverdian
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The emergence of a ‘diploma democracy’? The political education gap in the Netherlands, 1971–2010
A Hakhverdian, W Van Der Brug, C De Vries
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Capturing government policy on the left-right scale: Evidence from the United Kingdom, 1956-2006
A Hakhverdian
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Does it matter that most representatives are higher educated?
A Hakhverdian
Swiss Political Science Review 21 (2), 237-245, 2015
Nepparlement?: een pleidooi voor politiek hokjesdenken
A Hakhverdian, W Schakel
Amsterdam University Press, 2017
The political representation of left-nationalist voters
A Hakhverdian, W Schakel
Acta Politica 57 (3), 489-509, 2022
Institutional Trust
A Hakhverdian, Q Mayne
Education, and Corruption: A, 2012
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