Jessica L Montag
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How visual salience affects structure choice. Implications for audience design
JL Montag, MC MacDonald
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The effect of lexical accessibility on Spanish-English intra-sentential codeswitching
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JL Montag
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Limited evidence for probability matching as a strategy in probability learning tasks
JL Montag
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Using Known Words to Learn More Words: A Distributional Analysis of Child Vocabulary Development
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JL Montag
The University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2013
Grammatical role assignment, not word order, drives structure choice in English, Japanese and Korean (思考と言語・人間の言語処理と学習)
JL Montag, MC Macdonald
電子情報通信学会技術研究報告. TL, 思考と言語 110 (163), 105-110, 2010
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