Konrad J.Krakowiak
Konrad J.Krakowiak
University of Houston, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Combinatorial molecular optimization of cement hydrates
M.J. Abdolhosseini Qomi, K.J. Krakowiak, M. Bauchy, K.L. Stewart, R ...
Mesoscale texture of cement hydrates
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Failure analysis of Monastery of Jerónimos, Lisbon: How to learn from sophisticated numerical models
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Does microstructure matter for statistical nanoindentation techniques?
FJ Ulm, M Vandamme, HM Jennings, J Vanzo, M Bentivegna, ...
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Nano-chemo-mechanical signature of conventional oil-well cement systems: Effects of elevated temperature and curing time
KJ Krakowiak, JJ Thomas, S Musso, S James, AT Akono, FJ Ulm
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M Kheradmand, M Azenha, JLB de Aguiar, KJ Krakowiak
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Inference of the phase-to-mechanical property link via coupled X-ray spectrometry and indentation analysis: Application to cement-based materials
Konrad J. Krakowiak, William Wilson, Simon James, Simone Musso, Franz-Josef Ulm
Cement and Concrete Research 67 (January), 271-285, 2015
Multitechnique investigation of extruded clay brick microstructure
KJ Krakowiak, PB Lourenço, FJ Ulm
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Graphene oxide nanocomposite hydrogel beads for removal of selenium in contaminated water
PC Bandara, JVD Perez, ET Nadres, RG Nannapaneni, KJ Krakowiak, ...
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Simultaneous assessment of phase chemistry, phase abundance and bulk chemistry with statistical electron probe micro-analyses: Application to cement clinkers
W Wilson, KJ Krakowiak, FJ Ulm
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Development of silica-enriched cement-based materials with improved aging resistance for application in high-temperature environments
KJ Krakowiak, JJ Thomas, S James, M Abuhaikal, FJ Ulm
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A Seiphoori, AJ Whittle, KJ Krakowiak, HH Einstein
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Assessment of the mechanical microstructure of masonry clay brick by nanoindentation
KJ Krakowiak
Lightweight geopolymer-based mortars for the structural and energy retrofit of buildings
F Longo, P Lassandro, A Moshiri, T Phatak, MA Aiello, KJ Krakowiak
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Engineering of high specific strength and low thermal conductivity cementitious composites with hollow glass microspheres for high-temperature high-pressure applications
KJ Krakowiak, RG Nannapaneni, A Moshiri, T Phatak, D Stefaniuk, ...
Cement and Concrete Composites 108, 103514, 2020
Production of H2 by water radiolysis in cement paste under electron irradiation: A joint experimental and theoretical study
AS Sophie Le Caër, Lucile Dezerald, Khaoula Boukari, Maxime Lainé, Sébastien ...
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Micromechanical properties within the interphase between heterogeneous layers made of cementitious composites
Ł Sadowsk, D Stefaniuk, A Żak, KJ Krakowiak
Construction and Building Materials 215 (10 August 2019), 1033-1043, 2019
Fundamental investigation of the chemical and mechanical properties of high-temperature-cured oilwell cements
J Thomas, S James, JA Ortega, S Musso, F Auzerais, K Krakowiak, ...
Offshore Technology Conference, 2012
Avaliação da estabilidade das abóbadas da Igreja do Mosteiro dos Jerónimos
PB Lourenço, KJ Krakowiak
Relatório 03-DEC/E-02, Universidade do Minho, Portugal, 2003
Stability assessment of the vaults from the Church of Monastery of Jerónimos
PB Lourenço, KJ Krakowiak
Report 03-DEC/E-02, University of Minho, Portugal, 2003
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